1981 KZ750e

Exhausts......Stubby ones? Longer ones?

What do you all think?

I'm starting to fall for the stubbys.


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Thanks man. Now you have me in a dilemma!

Going to play with them over the weekend.

Hopping to get her about finished.

K&N filters, clocks, headlight and a few bits and bobs turned up this week.
Haha, I was going to say stubby...but thats just my brain saying "if they are shorter the bike will be easier to work on!" ::)
I love the look. are you using stock shocks in the rear? Maybe it's just me but it looks taller and definitely makes the stance of the bike more horizontal. I dig...
Hi Summerfest32
Yes stock shocks, maybe its the way I cut the back end down.
As for the zhuasts, in the end I went for the longer ones.
Pics to follow shortly.
Well here she is, just waiting to get her MOTed
More pics to follow


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Hay Ton'ers
Here are the couple of pics as promised.
I'm hoping to get some more "pro" looking pics later on this week.
Vincent84 yes mate they are stock carbs.


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