1981 KZ750e

I like your bike. Yeah, if it was mine I would change a detail or two but would'nt everyone? Still overall you have put together a nice ride.

I am a detail guy. If I see one detail on a bike that sings to me I am a happy camper. On your bike it is the "Z" bend in the frame and the way the seat follows those contours. That is SO tits. I saw that detail and almost had an orgasm. Well, no, not really. But damn that is nice. ;)
Beautiful work! Hoping my build can look this nice some day...

Working on pretty much the same bike, just wanted to see what you did with the clean air vacuum system. Did you just patch the valve covers together, or did you find machined caps?

Also, what exhaust system did you end up with, looks very nice!

Have you gents seen his other bike? Check out the Bike of the Month THIS month... (october) Sweet Jebus this man can build some amazing stuff.
great looking bike, I'll get to that quality at some point I hope. Check out my build, it's an 82 h2 ltd. http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=48199.msg586956#msg586956
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