1998 Gsxr 750 build


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I'm in! It's gixxer party around here these days


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It needs some love for sure. I had a 96 back in 97ish and loved it. One of the funnest bikes I have ever owned...till I crashed it at Deals Gap :mad:


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That's had a hard life but should be easy to resurrect 8)
Probably been 'stunta'd' ?
98 was a good year., Suzuki 'cheaped out' on electrical system in mid 2000's to keep price lower.


One of buddies from high school had a 97 gsxr where I had a 94 Yamaha FZR 600. He was a bit quicker but THAT bike was his first. Those were fun. Same colors as your “get to” bike. I should’ve never gotten rid of my fzr. So much fun. Ugly, but I bought in 95 from dealer showroom with 100 miles on it.

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GV1390 said:
Nice man! Stoked to see more people modifying these bikes. Don't see too many of them around.

Here is my 93' GSXR1100:

Untitled by Gennaro Villella, on Flickr
Probably my most favorite engine ever. 8)
Which 1100, L, M? Still pretty twitchy on the street but ideal for racing
It does have limitations but a dead reliable 140 bhp. (more with a modified 1200 Bandit motor)
Oil cooling isn't most efficient but beats the hell out of air cooled (unless ducted fan) One thing Suzuki did introduce to motorcycle world that 'everyone' now uses - under piston oil jets squirting on bottom of piston crown.
With modern low viscosity synthetic oils, heat transfer can be improved but still needs more oil cooler surface area than a water cooled motor
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