2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.


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I've resolved the rear number plate issue...I've trimmed a mock plate and can go even smaller, like on my CBX, to 5 1/2"x6 1/2" with 1 3/4" digits to UK legal. In trimming it, the shape is better and the angle was altered slightly...small touches that made a difference. :) I'm not in love with it though :/


Instead of overcentre latches, which would be for too fiddly and tight for space, I've decided to secure the tail end to the bridge extended support by using a single Dzus fastener, the twist n turn variety I think.
It'd mean a break in the smoothness but Dzus look kinda cool...so what the hey?
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The 2mm alli sheet arrived....so I had to bash it into shape, rude not too. :)


Two slightly oversized holes sees it sit flat around the two buttonheads holding the bum support bridge in place, snug fit to the tank too, and should work with what I have in mind for the upholstery.

Oh yeah....my bench mount belt sander went u/s today...on/off switch refuses to stay on...it'll run but not stay running unless I keep the button pressed...think it's the off button at fault tbh? New one on order....but right in the middl of shaping the pan.....finished it old skool, by hand...sorted :)

More items incoming too... ;)


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Seat's nearing completion.....shaped n smoothed the dual layer yoga mat using 60 grit by hand....my detail sander wouldn't work too well on it.

I was looking to get the front edge snug against the tank, but the rear tankmount sticks out 15mm, so an opening,like a mouth, was needed. The double layer allowed me to open up a suitable gap....and, while out on my daily exercise walk, I spotted a broken pair of ear defenders in my neighbour's rubble pile. Spotted the potential....shown here.


Liking the little hump..


So much smoothing and I'm happy with the overall shape...ready for the upholsterer to work his magic.


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Damn near perfect!
Thank you.....I hope to tidy the leading edge with a bit of piping...or just black out the tank seam? ;)

I'll have a go at heat treating the fluffy edge.....going for a slight softening/melt with my heat gun...oooerrr! :/

Dzus fastener worked OK. Shame the ring doesn't fold flat towards the back, rather than sideways on....I'll wire this to a fixing point under the seat pad...so just a short cable that'll tuck in.
For those of you worried....I don't plan on sliding off the back and catching the family jewels on the way off!! :)


I've sandwiched some yoga mat under the Dzus.....it's holding the seat unit nice and firm.
Just awaiting the fibreglass kit to arrive and I'll glass in the timber support frame as well as fix the 'shoes' as the middle bridge sits nicely too.


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Can you not re-orient the lower part of the Dzus to make it latch the way you want it too?
It's a spring clip (like a large speaker self tapping screw fixing spring clip) that sits on top of the A bracket, the way the bracket is orientated and shaped it'd mean a new bracket....I'm OK with it tbh.

There is another style of female, but it's a rivet/screw on piece that'd have to be in the same irientation, so likely to be no gain.

I'll run a twisted wire behind the seat pad.
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How was I not watching this?

That rear end setup has a lot in common with my Enfield; Dzus fasteners, same taillight and tag used as a mudguard even.
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How was I not watching this?

That rear end setup has a lot in common with my Enfield; Dzus fasteners, same taillight and tag used as a mudguard even.
Haha...no idea...15 pages in and still folk finding it...it's all good.

I'm liking the seat set up I have to say....wanted a quick(ish) release to access the two stroke oil tank for top ups etc.
Tail light/reg plate is rubber mounted as is the seat unit rear support.

I've made a bit of progress during our splendid isolation here in the UK.....making the most of it. :)

Thanks for checking in.


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I am erasing the last remnants (apart from frame number) of all things Honda 400/4.....I have plans for the side covers ;)

The seat and tank padding is going in to upholstery next week...yay!



I had to shave off 1mm each side to make room for the material it'll be wrapped in.

Awaiting parts to arrive.....


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Sounds nice for the seat. Are you wrapping the side covers too? Or did I read that wrong and their going to be painted?


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Sounds nice for the seat. Are you wrapping the side covers too? Or did I read that wrong and their going to be painted?
No, side covers to be painted same colour as tank, seat unit and headlamp shroud.....but I'm thinking of a minor modification... ;)


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Got the reg plate through today and trimmed the plate/lamp mount to suit....I'm OK with the plate angle and size...turned out the digits were smaller than I thought (I don't know why I thought that?)


Toying with super strong adhesive pads or two yellow bolts either side of GFC???

In readiness for the trip to the trimmer this coming week, I trimmed off at least 1mm of material from each side of the rubber tank protector....


...to allow for the suede to wrap around and it still nestle between the chrome strips on the tank.

The tank is off to be vapor-blasted today.... :)

Ordered a rattlecan of U-Pol Acid #8 etch primer


...to give the bare metal a primary coat before I repair/fill the few small dents in it.


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Put the finishing touches to the oil tank/battery holder.

Applied a coat of Wurth rust converter, bloody good stuff....the thing has come out in a dark blue/black which I will keep.



The rubber trim finishes off the cut edges nicely IMO...and helps to hold the frame together.


...and, the discarded ear defenders turn up trumps again.....the ear pad foam makes the perfect cushion....I may even use the head strap for something yet.

The alloy tank came with multiple threded outlets/connection points, this one will be the breather.


Another job nearly done.

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