3DogNate's 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R Resoration

goldy said:
Bloody leaky tanks! It happens, but it sure isn't any fun especially after a nice paint job like that. I'm sure you'll get it sorted out...what are you using for a liner?

Liner is done... I used the Caswell Gas Tank Sealer kit from Caswell Plating http://www.caswellplating.com/epoxy-gas-tank-sealer.html good stuff... beats the snot outta Kreem and POR-15. Just need to install the tank back on the bike.
Got the Tach back on and the new exhaust headers installed... no fuel leaks... all is well for now. Here are some beauty shots.









I like 8)
Are they Triumph 'export' bars (standard for the USA) or aftermarket flat track bars?
I am pretty sure Triumph "export" bars would be correct. I ordered the correct part from the U.K. For my bike. When practical I went with U.K. Made parts first, and managed to avoid Indian parts altogether.

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3DogNate said:
So Fri after work I got out and swapped out the oil pump before we went out to dinner.. Sat I got out and oiled it back up and got it started verified that I was pumping oil and got it down off the lift for the first time. Got the tires up to pressure and setup the brakes...(I might need to cut some more threads on the brake rod... but it's okay for now not much adjustment left though. Almost could have stood an extra chain link.) I am still waiting for my Tachometer to get back to me but I zip tied my cable to the bracket and took the bike out for a quickie spin around the neighborhood... it rode great... shifted through all the gears well, neutral was easy to find. Nothing fell off :). Not much longer and she'll be ready for a photo session.


So awesome. You did a fantastic job on this bike Nate. Bravo.
So do you guys hate PhotoBucket as much as I do now? Huge build threads of pics gone because they got greedy.
o1marc said:
So do you guys hate PhotoBucket as much as I do now? Huge build threads of pics gone because they got greedy.

Theres a fix for that and it works great.

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