3DogNate's 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R Resoration

Forks are broken down for rebuilding.

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In the spirit of doing as much DIY as I can so that I can put the $$$ in the right places. I whipped up a zinc plating tank and did my first parts tonight. The dull grey one is right off the tank and the shiny one is after shining up with a wire brush and a trip in the tumbler.

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So here's the Zinc plating setup... Not that impressive... Just a bucket from Lowe's and setup according to the instructions found here... http://home.comcast.net/~rt66tbird/website/zincplating.html

I got the yokes and foot pegs powder coated.

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Really nice looking work.

I'm finally back out in the shop after an almost 2-year paycheck job. I'm getting into my Norton 880 build.
Foot pegs all restored and ready. On to something else now. Restoring fasteners is tedious.

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I am in the process of rounding up every last nut, bolt, washer, and other bare ferrous metal bits to ship off as much as I possibly can to the Cad platers; they have a 166 pound limit on their minimum charge. So far, I'm at about 30 pounds. I once managed to fit 55 pounds into a USPS large flat-rate box (the large flattish one). The guy at the counter said I was "cheating", but it's as plain as day "if it fits, it ships", and it fit even with a second box, slightly cut down, to line the inside and keep it from bursting in handling.

Gotta love it. From this-


To this-

goldy said:
Nice...how {much} did that cost you?

Firstly, the "before" photo was only 1 batch of 3 bikes' worth, the other 2 batches were a bit smaller.

Total with shipping both ways was just under $200, so about $70 per bike; although, one bike actually tool closer to $100 and the other two at $50 each.
That's really not too bad at all when you look at it that way...and besides that, the cost of replacing them would have been far, far more.
Not much in the way of photos over the weekend but I got my rear hub rebuilt with new bearings and stuff. I dropped my wheels off at my wheel guy at lunch today to get relaced and new rubber on... He's removing the tire and measuring the hub offset on the front wheel and I gotta go back Thu and pick that up so that I can clean powder coat and rebuild the front hub bearings and get back to him on Monday... Hoping that I'll get my wheels back from him before the end of the month.

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Wheel hubs are rebuilt and out for lacing to the cleaned up rims. They cleaned up nicely for 46 year old rims...

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I was able to find a really nice set of original Lucas under tank reflectors for very reasonable on eBay. They can get pretty pricey. I also have the headlight all ready to go... New bucket and ammeter and indicator lenses and original switch and headlamp lens. I may rechrome the original Lucas bucket eventually but these Emgo looks the part quite nicely.

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Please tell me that gauge is inductive not direct. Many beautiful old cars have been lost forever due to fires from ammeters.
Duchat said:
Please tell me that gauge is inductive not direct.

Yes, inductive. I've never heard of a Lucas amp catching fire in over 35 years on numerous forums and hundreds of meet-ups.
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