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Great idea JRK, I'm hoping to have one or two of these this winter. It will be interesting to see what appears in this thread.

I love cheap and DIY.
Definitely a good idea. It can help someone that is not sure how they will do something or give folks ideas they may not have come up with on their own.
ill start
Job: Black spokes
Cost: 10 bucks
first i washed the whole wheel in simple green (3/1) and water, then used a wire wheel to sand down my wheels.. ensure that l the loose rust is off and gave a good surface for the paint to grab... again washed with simple green mix... from here i wiped the whole wheel down with denatured alchole... then comes the taping... i started with a fat piece of tap between each spoke, from there using thin maskin tape i wrapped each nipple (do this so i you can still tighten and true the wheel) after that i just stated to cover the whole wheel...
I shot the wheel in black rustolem epoxy paint... light coats, VERY light coats, and follow the directions... let it set up for 48 hrs and removed the tape... here are the pics:


After the wash:

after wire wheel and wash:

Taped up:

with paint on:

final product:


chrome polish to get the chrome back up and BLING'N
Leon... once this starts to grow and get to be afew pages i can organize it and create a index on the first page so it is a bit easier to sort though... we just need people to contribute and it will just EXPLODE with posts! LETS GET EM GOING GUYS!
not my idea twas halfton,s idea , but a sub $50 bump stop made from a german helmet, i used a fiberglass german skid lid from my local harley shop, the skid lid cost me around $35


my bump stop
$3 homemade riser extensions:
ok... here is what you do:
first decide how all you want to go... pull the stock bolt that feeds up from the bottom of the tree and into the stock handlebar clamp... take that to home depot or the hardware store... get a 1 or 2 in longer HARDENED bolt that matches the same threads and demensions just longer... then pick up a box of fender washers that match the bolt (they should be around the size of a quarter or half dollar)... now take a walk over to plumbing and pick up a piece of chrome piping that matches the circumfrance of the washers (the piping that i used was the kind that is under sinks... thin and chrome, it does not bear weight it is just for looks).... last thing to get is a push chrome cap that fits the pipe. ooh ya and some lock tite
Now how to do it:
pull your bars and pull your stock bar clamps off... find the exact center of the push caps and drill that out to match the circumfrance of the new bolts you will be using... measure out how high you want to raise your bars, then just count out the number of washers it will take to acomplish the lift. after you know the amount of washers it will take measure the stack of washers (goes without saying but make sure both of your stacks have the same amount of washers)
cut your plumbing pipe to match the height of the washers, BEFORE CUTTING, put some packing tape around the area to be cut, this will prevent the chrome from flaking, after both peices are cut file down the rough edges and put it all together (use just a touch of marine grease on the washers to prevent any squeeking... just a touch) mine squeeked a bit but my dads and brothers never made a peep... just tighen it all down and there you go! 3 dollar risers! Here is a crude picture to give you a idea


my buddy ICE came up wiht this one... works great i use it all the time to clean up wires and get it together:
Cheap alterative to the billet clamps and other bought stuff. Use zip ties and tuding to create your own spacers. Turns out to be shock mounted too.



This guy:

To take off this guy:

All you have to do is find the right size drill bits. It is a piece of flat bar with the drill bits drilled through. Much cheaper then a face spanner wrench.
come on guys i know i am not the only one...
Mod: stripping a tank
Cost: 15 bucks

head out get a 99c paint chip brush, aircraft stripper (i prefer the liquid form)
1. pour the stripper on
2. spread it around with the brush
3. wait
4. scrape off old paint (wear chemical gloves, i like to use 000 steel wool and plastic scraper)
5. rinse off with water
paint free tank



removing old powder coat without sanding
Cost 10 - 20 bucks

just get some gasket stripper... spray it down with that... let it sit for 20 min, then add a coat of air craft stripper and let that sit for another 10 min... use steel wool and cemical gloves to scrub off the old powder... rinse the part well and wipe down with some rubbing alchole
One thing rarely mentioned is the disposal of the stripper/paint etc. Does everyone just keep adding jerry cans to their collection full of this crap and then finally get out to the haz-mat depot to get rid of it, or do you dump it on the wife's garden?
god damn, I have sooooo many bottles of everything. I'm too lazy to get to a haz mat depot, should probably do that before it all goes up in flames. the last time I used stripper, I washed it off with a hose. It was a spray kind, I dont know how you would store that though.
i will not comment on how i dispose of mine... lets just say it goes away at 3 am when no one is on the street
Seems like an obvious mod, but I figured I'd post what I did.

Mod: Installing Clubman Bars
Cost: $25-$50

Clubmans - $20-$25
Heat Shrink - $5
New Grips - Optional - $20

1. Disconnect wires to handlebar controls behind headlight
2. Disconnect Throttle, Clutch and Brake Cables
3. Remove handlebar clamps and remove old bars
4. Remove handlebar control housings and pull old wires out
5. Use compressed air to remove the left side grip
6. Remove old heat shrink from wires and put new softer heat shrink on
7. Put clubmans on the bike to figure out what position you want them in
8. Use the old bars to figure out where to put the holes for the wires
9. Drill / cut / grind the holes for the wires *Make sure to round / debur the edges so they don't cut the wires*
10. Feed the wire bundles through the bars. NOT EASY due to the 90° bend. Best advice is to take it slow and Push then Pull...Push/Pull...Push/Pull
11. Reinstall left grip with compressed air
12. Mount bar and reinstall bar clamps
13. Reconnect wires behind the headlight and make sure everything works.
14. Lube Cables since they are already disconnected
15. Reconnect Cables and attach control housings

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