$50 mod thread

CB360 headlight recycle

Decided to have a go at fitting H4 bulb into blown sealed beam unit
Used a hole saw to get rid of bulb base then a Dremel to open it up for bulb
It's a bit rough plus I couldn't find bulb holder but it definitely shows proof of concept.
I'll mix up some JB Weld and 'glue' bulb in
I posted in my 360 build/blog as well but not everyone looks at that


I have it back on bike and it works great.
Way better than original even though it's only 35/35w
Hey guys, a lot of these are things I would love to see without hunting through the 70+ pages...

But a lot of the links are misdirecting me :(

Anyone able to clean up the links in OP ?
timeconsuming said:
Hey guys, a lot of these are things I would love to see without hunting through the 70+ pages...

But a lot of the links are misdirecting me :(

Anyone able to clean up the links in OP ?
I think Joe (JRK5892) would have to be the one to do it, maybe a Mod or Admin... Send him a PM with the broken ones you found.
Give me a day or two and I'll fix all the links and post them here. A mod can then copy them to the index on the first page.
Have all the links done now. The previous index only went up to page 40 or something, so I updated it to include the rest. Could a mod please copy this index into the first post by Joe? You can delete this post then.

Also, feel free to point out any errors or omissions in this list.

Edit: Index updated on first page.
Man that was a shit tone of work right there...YOU ROCK HerrDeacon!
I just spent an hour going back through. fixed my pic links that were broken...
Now I need to pick up the materials for a < $50 blasting cabinet!
No problem guys, just glad I could help. Was a bit of work, but as a reward I found a couple of items that I must have either missed or forgotten along the way, will definitely try them out.
HerrDeacon I have tried to go on the first page and copy and paste this but it will not let me, i need the HTML, can you click your edit button and then PM me the HTML break down for that and i can add it on the home page... i thought we may get lucky with copy and paste but it failed... i tried to keep up with including the links best i could but man this one you just did is AWESOME!
Bought assorted bits to make my DIY blasting cabinet last night thanks to this threads revival. ;D
PVC toilet flanges to mount the gloves inside the storage tote... BRILLIANT!
I've seen a bench top engine mount on here before but wanted to submit my own as it didn't require any metal working skills such as welding. It cost about $10 total to make and took maybe an hour to put together.

  • 1 2x4
  • 1 set of 2 inch screws
  • 1 set of 1.5 inch screws (this will depend upon your base material)
  • 1 board for the base that will fit on the bench top
  • 1 rod of steel that can be cut down (I used a dremel)

I first used a miter box and hand saw to cut out all of the necessary pieces needed to make the actual mount legs. I'm sure most of you have more sophisticated tools that I, so my estimation of an hour is within the realm of my capability. I made two u-shaped mounts to affix to both of the bottom engine mounts so that it could sit straight up on the desktop. I found the easiest way to find the perfect spacing for the mounts was to first attach them to the engine and then set it on the base board, mark out where they needed to be screwed down, and the remove them from the engine. Once the mounts were affixed to the board it was easy to put everything together and get it onto the table. Simple, cheap, and effective.




Let me know what you think.
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