$650 1980 Honda 750 Super Sport


Coast to Coast
Followed me home today, found on CL

Obviously it needs a new front suspension, headlight, & signals. Previous owner ran it into something. An easy swap if the neck is okay.

27,009 miles, clean title on non-op at DMV, & the correct keys. Shiny unpitted chrome, the tank is like new inside.

It's been well taken care of, very clean, & complete.

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Doesn't fit the "look" many go for, but that rack is one of the most useful add-ons to a daily rider. Don't hack up the whale tail - they are hard to find.
Doesn't fit the "look" many go for, but that rack is one of the most useful add-ons to a daily rider. Don't hack up the whale tail - they are hard to find.

No chopping on this one, it's too complete & original. I think the rack is badass, it makes road trips possible
Replacement forks & triple on the way from Texas.
Thats going to be fabulous, i love the 750 dohc motor !

Ya it's a beauty right?

Correct replacement forks & triple on the way from Texas.

Looking for better deals on rotors, wheel, headlight, signals, & fender.

So far it's a no-start but it has spark and all fuses are good.

Going to check timing & pull the bowls off for a peak inside the carbs.
The dohc guys always caution to make sure you have enough valve clearance. As I remember, .002 is spec, but risks burning and they recommend .004. The carbs are a special kind of evil. Use a heat gun to soften the "isolators" - boots. As I remember, many GL1000 parts fit.
And if you haven't already, join cb1100f.net as well. It's an amazing resource for our Super Sports
A few detail pics, this bike has been taken care of & loved. And the stank is like new inside.

Eerything to replace the correct front should be here in the next two weeks.

It has spark but won't growl on starting fluid, need to check timing.

And at 27k miles it's just a teenager.

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If you have spark, then there is no timing to check. It is all electronic, but sometimes the ignitors get dodgy.
Apart from the obvious that bike really is in great shape. I've worked on a couple, know my way around them pretty good. Hit me up if you need anything
Thanks all

No physical updates on this one yet, but I've been accumulating the parts needed.

The biggest issue has been finding the correct forks in good shape. I bought a set on ebay that turned out to be bent so returned them. Then found another set & paid but the guy was too busy to ship them so another refund. Finally found a set on ebay again in better shape than the first and straight so he says.... sould arrive next week.

Have the headlight bits, signal lenses, front wheel & rotors in-hand. Just need a tire to get it rolling.

Also looking for a service manual in decent shape and reasonable price.

I should have a nice progress update on this one in a couple weeks.

Here's pics of the luggage rack, I've yet to see another just like it in all my searches (single piece base) so it must be fairly rare?


That bike is gonna look so much better without that luggage rack. Probably why they're so rare. It's an F!
Those tacks were common in Australia and UK and came from different suppliers. I had a similar one on a CB900. On mine IIRC the whole back section came off as did the upright which was good for hanging a large backpack on. The pack sat upright on the seat and the upright part allowed it to fit vertically.

On yours, the removable upright is a passenger back rest which is great for carrying a loved one but the vertical part makes it more difficult to get on and off the bike.

That rack is in really nice shape, but don't put too much weight on it because that can upset the handling. 6 pack of beer is OK but a slab is too much.
The luggage rack is the most usefull add-on to a daily driver. CB750F doesn't make a great DD, however.
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