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Got a call from my dad the other day, not the greatest news. My uncle John is pushing 80, still in pretty decent mental health, is moving into a retirement home.

Cleaning out his home and sheds. Dad and John came across a dusty and rusty, long forgotten little 1972 CL100. My uncle had bought the bike for my cousin John jr. way back when.

Uncle John didnt want to dumpster the thing, so gave it to my dad. Who in turn has given it to me, I am gonna restore it, maybe w a few small mods for my wife, Rachel.

So here we go...again.


Last plated in 1978. Thanks to the god Honda the bike weathered better than the plate. LOL



The gas cap was tough turning. I was amazed to find this...


With title in Johns name.


After a quick clean up.


niece, Avery and nephew, Gabe went for a ride.




So, heres the plan.

I downloaded manual last night...THANKS DTT! ;)

Pulled plug sprayed some penetrant and a dash of marvel. The engine is FREE.

So gonna do all the usual, work to get her fired up & tune up stuff, make it safe to ride, cables, chain, brakes, shocks, fork seals....etc.

Amazingly I clipped a 6 volt to the battery cables and the lights and horn STILL WORK. LOL

So, Here is what I need from you guys...

1 How the hell do I open the seat on this thing??? LOL

2 Got any links to the proper cables to share?

3 Tire recommendations. I want dual sport tires for the wife. The pavement in Illinois is usually strewn w gravel here and there.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Also in need of a foot peg bar w kickstand assembly.

and electric start would really better suit Rachel. So, if anyone has a bolt in alternative I may be interested. CB125 and Im not exactly sure if anything else fits this frame???
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Ok out of desperation. I finally decided to take the two bolts loose at rear hinge of seat.

And viola, that is how the seat comes off. ::)

Only to find, not much going on under there. Other than the mice have made a home inside the seat.

Goin to bed, 2 hours past my bedtime.

Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.


OK my short term goal for today is to get her to run. For MOTHERS DAY! :D

Put the quartz light on her to warm the sludge in the crankcase. Get the oil drained and fresh added.

I read workshop manual calls for 10w30 but this is what I got, so its what she gets.

gave her some oil in the top end also on valves, tappets, etc


heat lamp worked like a charm. The old warm oil came pouring out. And dont look half bad.


Pulled the screen out for cleaning.


AND SUDDENLY THERE WAS THIS ! :mad: Currently drenched in penetrant and sitting over heat lamp. The slide is stuck so I cant get cable removed. Ugh. Once I get it freed I will give her a dip in Carb-medic. While I run to town and hunt a battery and sparkplug.

Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

the Gods Honda has smiled upon me this this morning.

In the time it took to write the last post the slide freed up and viola!


So, moving forward again. Pulled the rest apart.


Stuck choke, the little flapper working well though.


a couple squirts of pen and a little persuasion...un-stuck choke working smooth.


Kids get to spend a couple hours in the pool.


Chain soaking in penetrant. Working smoothly now.


advancer feels is working pretty smooth. Just gonna trust my uncle John had it set properly...in 1978.


Farm store opens at 9 so gonna get ready to run and see about a battery and plug.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Awesome, man. That points plate looks way off. Usually the marks on the plate and the case are not too far from each other, if not dead on. Don't know 'til you hook up the light, but that's how my single is set up and these motors are super close to each other. Also, talking to Kanticoy if learned that they are dead easy to swap to 12v with a cb350 stator and rotor, since they used the same lump. He did it on a cb125 and I'm going to eventually do it to the XL. I'd bet that 100 is the same.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

I'm following, to hopefully git tips on my CB100.

The manual.....is not the best for sure.

I'm looking into swapping to 12v too....but we'll see.

Bike looks good.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

You are like a pig in s..t! Haha. Glad you got that piece of crap kawasaki out of your garage and got another honda in there. Glad you got a project bud. Holler if I can help

Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Nice find. I picked up a footpeg bar and kickstand for my 72 cb100 pretty cheap off an ebay parts bike.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Thanks everyone!

deviant said:
Awesome, man. That points plate looks way off. Usually the marks on the plate and the case are not too far from each other, if not dead on. Don't know 'til you hook up the light, but that's how my single is set up and these motors are super close to each other.

I got her back together, checked plug for spark and NOTHING. So hooked up fluke and found points werent making. So, I put the quickie to her best I could. (sucks the plug hole is opposite the points. Cant watch piston and valves very easily, while checking for compression stroke)

So, now I got good spark. & got her to pop twice out of 50 kicks!

Thanks Eric, Im gonna recheck ignition timing more thoroughly after lunch and a nap!

I also believe carb is too rich to run. Anybody got any advise on a trusted technique for preliminary setting for air/fuel mix and idle screw?

The manual says "out for leaner and in for richer" Which seems weird to me anyways. The needle just keeps going out til it falls out LOL. I shoulda sat down and figured out how the damned carb worked before putting her back together.

::) ::) ::)

nap time.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

Is this your carb right here?


If so, it's the same as the XL. You have adjustments at the needle, the jets and the air mixture screw. The thumbscrew is your idle adjustment and basically just pushes the slide up or down. It's hard to see in the shadow, but on the engine side to the left of the thumbscrew, there is the air screw. Normal adjustment should be 1 1/4 turns counterclockwise.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

deviant said:
Is this your carb right here?

Just got up from my big ole nap.

Yep same carb. and THANKS. I saw how the idle speed adjuster worked on the slide.

Im gonna re-attack the points. The pic in manual is kinda showing what you described about the plate mark. Its close to 0 also. Gonna move it and see what happens.

Maybe I am finding the reason Uncle parked it in the shed.
Re: 72 CL100, All in the Family, build.

OK just to catch back up. w pic

Heres the carb after soaking in pool for about an hour or so.


Also, while I had the carbs soaking I pulled the air filter. It didnt make the "journey through time" very well.


Like Eric suggested I re-adjusted timing. Closer to factory marks. and after the third kick she fired up and ran good for about 30 seconds. Of course no camera handy enough.

But, now she wont start again. So, gonna double check timing and make sure things are good an snug.

And now I got to go bake the old lady a cake and make her a bowl of guacamole.

Maybe more tomorrow....
Re: Rachels, 72 CL100, First (documented) Start up.

Shortly after cleaning Plugged pilot. ::)

Click this you tube link below

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Rachels, 72 CL100, First (documented) start up

fully restored 100 kick honda for sale. $4500.00

new oil, just needs finishing. mods include updated air in tires.
Re: Rachels, 72 CL100, First (documented) start up

Seriously, Now I feel a lot better bout this project! 8)

So far I got a grand total of
$26 battery
$2.59 spark plug

$28.59 total

the oil, fuel line, carb cleaner and penetrant I already had. Leftovers from the $6 million dollar build. ;D
Rachels, 72 CL100, Help hunting tires?

These Michelin gazelle M62 tires are about the only thing I can find. That would even be close to a more aggressive dual sport tread. That comes close to stock sizes. They are rated for 92mph.

3.00-17 rear
2.5-18 front

any suggestions?

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