74' & 76' GT250 winter projects


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B9ES are okay too! In germany you can only get BR9ES, i thought you still have the stock BR8ES/B8ES.

The only thing to be really sure with the seals is to change them. Driving around (gently) and checking the spark plugs is a step in the right direction, if your seals are blown the right one should be very dark, the left one should be very light brown or whiteish.

The right one can be fixed with BAR leak additive, it makes the crank seal soft again.


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You can do a fairly simple leak down pressure test to determine if the seals are OK. Don't go above about 6PSI though or you will blow the seals


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Ya, i think i got the trailer taillight for like $5 from wally world. I wanted something simple and smallish and it was just the thing.
I got the bike running pretty good and rode it to work today. I put 107.5 mains in so im gonna go out and check the plugs after dinner and see what they look like. Over all i am very happy with how the bike rides and handles. The smoking from the right cylinder stopped fairly quickly and hasnt came back so im not too worried about the crank seals anymore. There isnt much smoke at all coming from the pipes though so its got me worried the bike isnt getting the oil it needs. It could be the low smoke oil im using (Honda GN2). Or it could just be me being a worry wort. Im just used to the smoke a dirt bike dumps i guess.


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I love the seat and oil tank! I'm of the opinion that the seat gives the bike its "look" and yours definitely has a good look. I would love to play around with a smaller commuter bike!

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