'74 CB 360 Cafe Build - Luna - "Done"!

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Do give the linkage between them a tweak and get it to close better.

I see the choke plate on the right carb is broken. But, in reality I wouldnt think that would effect getting her to fire off too much. Rather than employing the flapper the air will simply pass past it. On the other hand, there is a reason it was designed w the flapper. But, if it fires off ok like that I wouldnt give it a second thought.
'74 CB 360 Cafe Build - Boomerang

I figured it should be closer to the same if not identical. It did run strong with the carbs at this current setup before I disassembled, so I'm not that worried.

trek97 said:
I see the choke plate on the right carb is broken.

How do you mean? The plate opens and closes properly when choke is engaged. I was thinking there is some adjustment available when the nut on the right carb holding the linkage in place is loosened up.

What's the trick to getting these push/pull throttle cables in? While the carbs are disconnected? Only ever worked on mikunis with single action throttle body, and had a b!&@$ of a time last night trying to get them in when carb was on the engine.
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Maybe someone here will have input on this: I'm still pondering on my headlight wiring. From the OEM wiring, black/yellow and black/red are power for the headlight. I believe the bk/yellow is the unfused (can't remember off the top of my head) and goes to the headlight on off, and bk/red is power to the dimmer switch. (Or vise versa, I'll double check colors after work)

I'm trying to work around these two wires so I only have to run one hot wire to the switch, since I'm combining headlight on/off and dimmer into one switch. Anyone have any thoughts?
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In red, right plate is broke.

yellow loosen that nut and tweak the thin band linkage. to get them to close the same.

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The broken off piece has probably gone through motor.
Who did carbs? (I know it wasn't me ;) )
That should have been mentioned to you along with any other issues
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That is probably due to some previous owner tearing down to clean and rebuild and mucking up the plate then using whatever is easiest to fix it.

Don't ask me how I know.
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No idea who did the carbs. I went 100% through the motor and didn't find any metal fragments or any damage whatsoever.

The strange thing is, there are no noticeable tool marks on that plate. I'll take a closer look after work and post a closeup
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I pretty sure the choke plate is a die cast piece, the edges are the only area's with any marks
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Now that I look at it closer, clearly broken off. Someone must have been trying to clean inside the carb body at some point along the lines.

If only the metal could talk.
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The bottom edge (rim) of the opening looks a little out of round (flattened) probably just been dropped on the floor. Was that the same carb w the cracked overflow?
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Nope, neither of my carbs have any cracks. I think it may just look that way in the photo but its actually round.
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oops yep sorry bud. i got my threads mixed up.
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Got the engine all torqued down, ignition wired up, battery installed. Went through and adjusted the tappets, set the timing, filled her up with oil. I loosened the tensioner setting bolt but didn't hear the 'pop' I expected to hear. Could the tensioner have gotten stuck? Is there any way to confirm the chain is tensioned, other than by listening?

Refilled the top oil baths with a little oil can. Trying to fire her up.
Got spark on both sides, but she's giving me nothing. I have a fuel bottle hooked up, and noticed the left carb dripping out of the overflow when the fuel is on. Float valve stuck most likely, will have to pull the carbs again to check that out.
'74 CB 360 Cafe Build - Boomerang


Everything here seems to be in order. Nothing sticking or binding up.

Maybe the pressure from the fuel bottle is too much. Had it hanging up about 2' above the bike, t-connector to two fuel lines. May be better off running fuel from the tank.
'74 CB 360 Cafe Build - Boomerang


Definitely having a fueling issue. Hooked up the tank and ran new fuel lines. For some reason, the lines aren't filling up all the way. You can see in the photo where the fuel fills from the bottom of the bend to the carb.

Weird. And the left carb bowl is still overfilling and leaking out the drain when the petcock is on.

Didn't mess with the carbs since I had the engine running in November, except for a light cleaning before I reinstalled them. All jets clear and everything in working order.

Pulled the plugs and they're dry as a bone. Not even the smell of fuel.
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I dont see any inline filters installed...thats good. I never had luck w any of them.

So, the bubbles should work out over time.

check to make sure the little clip that holds float seat is installed correctly (not upside down)

check o-ring on float seat.

isnpect float needle closely w magnifying glass. look for burrs on edges, that could cause it to hang up.

inspect needle tip for imperfections.

make sure the spring loaded tit inside the needle is working good. I had one that was "smushy" feeling once. didnt over flow gas. But, I think it was enough to effect performance...letting her fill too rich.

try swapping just the bowl to other carb and see if its the same issue same carb.

Then swap float needles between carbs and test.

Then swap floats and test.

Then swap float seats between carbs and test.

When fuel stops leaking from left and starts leaking out right carb...you have narrowed down the issue.
'74 CB 360 Cafe Build - Boomerang

Upon further inspection of left carb, there appears to be a hairline crack at the base of interior section of the drain tube (inside the carb). I set up the bowl and filled it with fuel, sure enough it's draining when it shouldn't be. You can see the crack below.


Assuming these are pressed in fittings, my chances of getting a new fitting is probably slim. Jb weld? eBay for a new bowl?

That explains the lack of fuel on the left. Now for the right.
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Upon removing the float seats on both sides, found build up on the bottom of the seats and underneath the casting lines. Cleaned out the fuel inlet tube, replaced the seats with new o-rings, and reinstalled.


Doesn't look like enough build up to block fuel, must've been some gunk formed during the winter.
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