'74 CB360 cafe project - (New clutch springs and back to analog gauges.)

Well the petcock was really in the way of the VM30 choke lever on the left side. So I added a cable choke system. What a pain in the ass... I had to shorten the 2-1 Mikuni choke cable by like 10 inches, figure out a mounting location and make a bracket and powder coat that. Totally worth the effort though, before was annoying to get to. I also added a relay to the key switch for the main power feed. And some general tidying up for Barber.



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Bike is running pretty good... I don't know if I'm going to be able to get a WOT plug chop. Either I red line too quick or I'm over 80 in no time.. How the hell long should I need to sustain wot before chopping?

Plugs look good off of idle and after a good bit of spirited riding...

Rebuilding the front brakes today... Bike just had it's 40th birthday last month 9/1973 was her build date. I keep coming back to "The Goblin" as her nickname.
Fuck that, WOT chop. shes done.

AWESOME build man, dang I wish I was still going down to barber.
But if you REALLY have too...just run her near red in 4th or 5th for a short bit...then see what you got down inside the plugs.
Yeah dude, I'm really only going to get to spend Saturday there at Barber. Fri and sun will be travel days. But we'll miss you bud.

I also reshaped the front fender while I hade the front end apart.

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Alright, so, it seems you haven't updated in about a month, but I assume you're still around working on this beast.

I just want to say, after reading all 35 pages (I'm bored at work) I want to thank you for such a detailed build. I had a random assortment of parts I wanted for my 360, but after seeing some of the trials and tribulations you've had, I've decided to rethink my plan a bit.

Definitely subscribing to this, and off to find other 360 builds... :D
There are quite a few 360 builds, eventually, you'll build 'my bike', (at least as far as engine internals, carbs and exhaust ;) )
Everyone does if they want it to work ;D
trek97 said:
Yes Nate, Ive been wondering what your up to?

Well, I'm doing well... the 360 took a ding in the tank getting it loaded for Barber. :( I'm done with the 360 for a while. I'll fix the dent in the spring and play with it some more... It was a treat to ride on the windy roads in Alabama, really handled curves well. I may pull the motor and split the cases and give it the really thorough rebuild I should have in the beginning. Depends on how bored I get in the winter... I can do that in the basement shop where it's warm.

I'm going to focus on my Yamaha XS650 build coming up. I'd like to do the frame work on it in the next few weeks before it gets to be freezing in the garage. I'm busy as shit though.... free time has been tough to come by the last couple of months.
Pamco electronic ignition on its way... Stay the f--- tooned!

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Nate, when you install it, if you need any guidance, I have mine in and running. Make sure you have a strobe type timing light, low idle speed too, below 1000 RPM (The ignition allowed that low an idle on mine). You have to check both cylinders, and it is a little fiddly if one side is a little off...I had to readjust mine. It wasn;t hard, but fiddly, if you know what I mean. Kind of like adjusting the points then finding the right side is over the gap, and having to start over.

But once you have it right, you are done....

My bike has NEVER run this well, even when I bought it one season old in 1978. Best mod I ever did, beside heavy duty clutch springs.
Well I installed the PAMCO ignition and after I kicked out the unburnt fuel from all the failed start attempts recently... It fired up and smoked like my aunt. I ran the idle down to 1000 rpm and put a timing light on it and it. It was pretty cool the left cylinder was spot on time from where I locked the disc on installation, the right cyl only needed little nudge of the hall effect sensor to be right on. I put it back together and took it for a quick spin around the block and it seems to be better than ever...

My clutch still wants to slip when cold even after the new springs and a switch to Rotella, second is a little slippy even after warming up to full temp. Cold here today so not much riding going to happen... I'll address the clutch again later.
trek97 said:

Remains to be seen... I'm gonna have to get back on those valves... Still a bit pecky....

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What a beauty - I love those old CBs!

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