74' CL360 - Project Pale-Skull - DormRoom Build


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I used a one and a half inch hole saw in drill press.
Drilled 1/8" holes from inside hub first so I could get position right.
It should be possible to drill with a hand drill as long as it has a low speed


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Quick update...
Waiting on Dime City Care Package, here's a peak.
11" DCC shocks in back as the rawness ensues.



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Here's where I'm at now fellas... Still havent done electrical but Ive got all my components in and such mounted, gonna go buy some cable.

Will be temporarily throwing a CB system on there.
Tobiism and I will be making a 2-1 system for it, that should just about wrap up the build.



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Alright fellas it's been quite some time since I've updated this, but my camera's been caput for the last month or two.
Got my shutter greased up, so, I've been shooting lately.


- Welded an inner rear fender/splash guard.
- Got a headlight, still need to find a mounting spot.
- Complete a Cable Actuated Rear Brake linkage, More pics of that soon.
- Need to bend the kickstand a little more.
- Dropped the Tach.
- Mount up the tank.
- Find a muffler, Suggestions? I was going to just give it some baffling and then add a bit of extension to the end. I also though of getting a small cherry bomb muffler, not sure it'll fit on that outlet at 2"s, might...
- Finish the all aluminum seat pan/cowl.

The biggest relief was I was finally able to find the damn stock 2-1 System. After a million and three let downs... haha!
Like Sonny tipped me off earlier, the CJ Collars needed to be bend and ground a bit to fit in the CB Flanges.
Some pics, my buddies shop is a candy land, i've learned a ton of metal fab. in here.

Theres my Growler!! HA!

Video Soon.


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Kicked over strong after just two kicks!
It's idle seems to be right around 1200 - 1500rpm right now, with the Mikuni VM30's 2.5 cutaway slides all the way down...

Right out of the box the Mikunis needed no choke. I Haven't played with the full RPM range yet, but it seems decently smooth for the fist 1 - 3.5k right now, and returns back down to range rather crisp, havent even tried to officially synch the carbs yet, just by eye.


Split personality, I fake being smart
Mikuni's are jetted rich out of the box.
When you start riding you'll have to sort out jetting.
Lot of people have been through it so it should be reasonably easy
BTW, they looked like GSXR carbs you had, 36mm CV would have worked but you would have had to do a lot of messing about so swapping to VM's was a good move


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Haha Thankyou fellas!
Erskine, I got my old Canon EOS620 out, dusted it off and had more fun shooting photos around the shop than even working... I think its the first electronic body Canon made, either 84' or 86'... cant remember... shot on a 50mm 1.2 Nikkor.

Yeah PJ they are deffntly rich, I remember reading somewhere the Mains that come stock on the VM30's were around 250, set up for two strokes...
Im thinking going down to like 155's.

But yeah, nice to finally have been working on something and hearing it run. It like refreshed my patience with the entire build haha..
I mounted the Headlight today, made a bracket for that, similar to the braket made for the tach for it's mount. Started pounding on a seat pan too... I'll have some updates later this week.

The Slug Bug back there is the new project... well its engine.


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Long update.
All I've been doing the last month is muckin' round with these jets...

I'm finally getting close, didn't realize the Needle affects the ENTIRE range of throttle.
If i had been trying jets and adjusting the needle with every jet, I would have saved a little more time, but the jetting aint done!

150 M
27.5 P

Thinking about going up one size in my pilot? to a 30.
Right now the air screw is about 3/4 - 1 turn out with a 27.5 Pilot in there, to run decent the needle clip was raised to the very top.
I still need to get new plugs to do an accurate chop, but what do you fellas rekon at those settings?

2 Questions:

1. I'm idle'ing around 1850 - 2k, is that too high? The thing I do like about that is it keep my H4 bulb nice and bright at idle. But what are the downside to a high idle?
- I'm running a Capacitor instead of battery, it's given me ZERO problems, even with my 35/35W H4 Headlight.

2. I have a 2 - 1 on right now, I have the stock CJ one aswell... But, my right cylinder seems to be running slightly hotter than the left, is that because the right cylinder pipe is shorter in length?
- I do realize synch'n the carbs properly might be the culprit...



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haha hell yeah, thanks fellas!
The front fender was half my inspiration for this build, it's the highlight for me.

The seat is two pieces, welded with that big red TIG in the background of the last set of photos.
Cut it to shape and did a bunch of bending; just with some gloves and elbow grease. Then welded em together at the top of the cowl and sanded the weld smooth. done. WORLDS lighter than a stock setup, just a flat piece of aluminum. I used the two stock tabs under the parallel seat rails to hold it down, with some standard 6M - 10 bolts.

I did get a cable setup to work but I ended up cutting and bending the stock brake rod in a sort of 'Z' formation. Worked smoother in the end, but if you take the time to make two tabs, all there is, is to have two stops to hold the cable housing between and that's pretty much it. I reused a stock clutch cable and just cut both it and the housing to the right length.

Here in AZ, it's not hard to keep anything from rusting.


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Alright am I the only one that noticed he mirrored the first video ? Left hand kickstart and left side throttle? I had to do a double take :) . Nice work sir, gotta love the simplicity of a twin!
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