'75 suzuki gt250...Buzzing around the block


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Honestly, I didn't think the finish would turn out as well as it did. I don't have much money invested into the paint, mostly just time. I'll see how long I can be careful with the paint before I goof up. Now I know the color I want, I can get a quart mixed up with the good stuff along with a 2 part clear down the road. Here it is all pretty.



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Man, that's awesome.... Stupid question, what kind of tires are you running? The front looks like a Metzeler, but I don't recognize the rear. I like the tread pattern.


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The front is a 100/90 metzler me33, the rear is a 4.00"(4.25" actual)michelin pilot activ. Before too long I'm going to get the matching michelin up front. I'll keep the same size though.


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Any chance you have the CAD file for that seat mold? I love the line of it and am considering doing something similar.


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I know I haven't updated the thread in a while. I ran into software/miscellaneous issues again and eventually took the fuel injection system off and reverted back to carbs. I've still got everything in a box, ready for another winter of removing bugs without getting into my riding season. I did, however, get my 350 cylinders bored out and fitted on the bike. I've only got a few miles on the new topend but the torque down low is substantial. I'll make my way over to the voting page with a new pic of the bike later tonight. Thanks, joe


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OK Joe you know the t250/gt250 is one o f my favorite bike's back in the day I ruled my neighborhood with this bike



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I'm biased toward the nekid look too! :D

Wonderful build! Truly inspiring! 8)


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Yep, I've been putting some miles on it. Its put away for winter, but I've already got the engine pulled. My plan is to pin the heads(center the squish), block and remove the cylinder oil lines(keep the crank bearing oil lines), and a few other little things. As for the rest of the bike, I've made up my mind and I'm going to chop the loop in the back and push it back 3 to 4 inches and make up a new seat. It'll be about 20% larger and give me some much needed cushion room. Right now it has a bobbed look and I'd like to stretch it a bit. Heres a semi-current pic and a crude photoshop of what I'm thinking:



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Awesome mate 8) I do like it with the front cowl but think the black makes it look heavy :eek: Definitely think the seat extension is a good idea, you need wiggle room ;)

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