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Re: '75 suzuki gt250...Electrical almost done, video

joeschuit said:
I machined up an aluminum adapter to mount the new powerdynamo coils on the original mounts. I weighed the new coils and mount with the old coils and I save about 18 ounces. I also made up a sheet metal clamp that will go around the forks for my speed sensor. I originally had a hose clamp holding it on and this will be a bit more tasteful.

looks pretty similar to an ebay purchase I just made...


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yep, you're right. I've picked up a new bike and trying to keep it funded from past projects. You'll really like the powerdynamo ignition, considering how much hassle I've had from condensors going bad and shoddy rectifiers. I'm glad its going to another dtt member. Joe


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After having some fun on my 87 fz700 last year I decided to get out of the 2 stroke game and dabble into 4 strokes. A friend of mine had an 86 ninja 250 and was selling cheap. Heres what it looked like:

This is after I swapped the rz350 front end and rear wheel:

And this is what it might look like, of course it'll have a kn airfilter and the wiring relocated:

It's a project thats on a budget and little to no engine modifications other than airfilters and exhaust. Once I get some other stuff handled I'll start a new thread. Joe


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Re: '75 suzuki gt250

I'm glad I've had so many viewers to my thread. I've actually been back in the shop doing some tweaking here and there, along with actually putting some miles on the bike. I've developed another set of pipes for the bike. In actuality, they are the same pipes as before, but with a 50/50 split in the two divergent cones instead of the earlier 70/30. This will supposedly give me a better, more noticable powerband and narrow it a little. I also changed the baffles to go all the way down to the covergent cone, just like dg pipes, and it has a great, low popping sound like a bigger dirtbike. I've had just a quick ride with them, and they seem to be performing quite well. Instead of painting the pipes, I've polished them and will be applying a hightemp clear soon. My tig welding has been getting exponentially better. I was able to weld up all the cones and get the basic shape done using less than a half of a welding rod. One other big update will possibly be in a week. I have leads to a complete topend and carbs off a suzuki t350. The topend will "directly" bolt onto my cases and bump my cc's from 247cc's to 315cc's. Thank you for your interest, I'll try to keep this more updated. Joe

Hi Joe I have been looking thorough your postings on your exhaust designs. Do you have any plans you might share. Would love to make my own.


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I bought a used Ninja 250 a couple of years ago. It was fitted with pods and a full Yoshimura exhaust. It ran good, but seemed a bit off. A local shop put it on the dyno and it made a bit more power over stock but was erratic/sluggish at some RPM ranges. I pulled the pods and replaced them with the stock airbox and filter. On the dyno again and it pulled 2 more HP and lost all the sluggish/erratic running. The best thing is the bike started and idled better than with the pods.

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