78 CB750 CAFE Resto-Mod Build

Everything is back from paint. Here are a couple of pics of the Tank, front fender,and tail section. Still need to get the seat upholstered. I made a panel under the tail to protect the electronics and mount the tag. Probably won't get back to it till after Christmas. Should have a finished bike pretty soon.


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Seats back. Couple of pics. Really happy with my new upholstery guy. This is the fun part putting it back together.


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that looks really nice with the counter-sunk washers. alot better than snaps.
JAGspeed said:
I have started another cafe build using the tried and true CB platform. Tore the bike down just to discover the frame was bent. I have located another frame that is straight and will tear everything I need off the bad frame and start mocking it all up with the good chassis. I am going to use this tank from a CB550.

"I want a tank like yours !" ...couldn't find a CB550 with another like that style. Any idea what it could be from ?

Very impressive finish. Nice one.

Mossy21.... If I'm not mistaken the tank is off a CB500T.
semmins said:
Very impressive finish. Nice one.

Mossy21.... If I'm not mistaken the tank is off a CB500T.

Right you are about the tank it is a CB500T tank. I got it off ebay as a 550 tank but never really paid attention to it after that. It does give the bike a sleeker look though.
Thanks for the compliments.
Installed a Pamco ignition on the bike. Nice not having to deal with points. Still have a couple more things to do before I can get it fired up. Should be done soon.


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Great looking build. When I was researching my mono-shock conversion I saw that the newer Husqvarna TE dirt bikes used a very similar shock linkage. I like the clean looks of that system without the linkage hanging beneath the bike. I wish I had found the CBR swingarm/linkage...

Anyway - how does that Koso speedo work - Is there a wired speed sensor? Where did you mount it?
jchek779 said:
Anyway - how does that Koso speedo work - Is there a wired speed sensor? Where did you mount it?

It does have a speed sensor. I made a small mount on the bottom of the fork it can use multiple magnets for pickup. I used 6, one in the head of each brake disc bolts. I guess this helps with accuracy. I was also able to utilize a temp sensor located on the tach side, senses cylinder head temp.


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Couple of shots from under the seat. All the electronics fit nicely. I wired in a newer style regulator rectifier from a 1980 CB750.
Battery is secured with a strap. I used a tail light converter to integrate the turn signals into the tail lights. The seat is secured by 4 locating pins and heavy duty Velcro for easy access to the electrics and the oil tank. Just need to tidy up the wiring a bit. details, details.


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Painted and wrapped the exhaust system also installed new grips, levers and mirrors. I completely went through and thoroughly cleaned the carbs in my sonic cleaner. I re-jetted them and set all the float levels. Also mounted a choke knob on them just in front of the petcock. I may have to do some fine tuning, but I should be close on the jetting. Pretty much done with the build just need to fire it up and ride it.
I will take some pics outdoors soon and post them up.


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headgames said:
where did you get the gauges and the switch from. Build looks great so far. really digging the newer front end.

The gauges are KOSO. I think I ordered them through Parts Unlimited. The key switch was just a universal 3 position switch, I made the aluminum piece that it mounts to also fit the top triple. All the warning lights are single LED's with a custom mount.
She is done. Fired up the bike and did a short test ride. Idles and runs nice. Good response off idle. Have a slight hiccup in the mid to upper RPM range, so I still need to make some minor jetting changes. Overall really happy with how this bike looks and feels. It rides like a modern sport bike with some old school flair. Just it time for spring.


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