Ace 50 Slowverland trip. QLD > SA

Ram mount is gold, the 50cc has a hell of a lot of vibration at high speed (thats 55-> 65kph) and the phone hasn't budged to date. When i first started using it i used the retainer, but i haven't found any reason to lately. It is well built tho as in when i use it it clears the camera lens on my phone so i can record if i wanted to. If I was going on a real rough road I would but yeah as i said it hasn't moved. I saw those knockoffs but someone vouched for the rammount. I will be buying the other ball mount tho the one that threads into the original mirror hole, I'm just not sure of the thread size and pitch at the moment.

I was thinking about getting a usb charger, but I wasn't sure how much power (Amps) a 50cc bike can put out, and didn't want it to cause me issues on the initial long ride. Might look into it later.
So i grabbed the 17620-402-010 Honda fuel cap several people talk about workign on here.

It required some grinding of the tabs underneath the cap, as I am unsure if this is a Skyteam thing, or a Friday built bike, but the fuel tank tabs are bigger on one side than the other.

It feels like it fits well, and looks damn good, but putting the bike on an angle it appears to leak as much as the Chinese cap and seal. Sad panda, oh well i will continue to wait for the Honda Gasket 17632-176-771 and hope that fixes it somehow..


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Took the bike out today for a 200 km run, In am hoping to go see the Tesla big battery in South Australia, I knew it would be slow and I chose to take dirt roads, it has been pretty sketchy, especially when the road went from gravel to deep sand lol, and I have rear camera footage of that insanity lol.


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Re: Ace 50 Slowverland trip. QLD > SA

Great ride. 200k is about my limit on mine. Will have to go out on a ride one day.

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I just grabbed a lithium battery and installed into the little bike.
Fit well in the standard location and it is nice and strong start (At least for a 50)


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Gday all,

Just letting you know, I have done over 3500km now on this thing. I lost some bolts on the headlight so that almost fell off, My second Rev counter died a spectacular death again (from the vibration), and my speedo screws holding it in the casing have broken so she wonders a bit. But apart from that (and struggling to check tappet clearances) shes going great *touch wood*.

I threw away the stock leaking junk of a carby and replaced it with a Mikuni VM16 Carby, It just bolted in, airbox connected right up. At some point i wouldn't mind increasing the fuel mixture a little as at cold she likes to stall unless i accelerate a little, once warm no problem.

76kph is the max speed i have attained so far on a *REALLY LONG* straight road and a tail wind tailing a truck.


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good to see you getting some miles on it, keep up the good work...she's got an 80kmh blast in there somewhere
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