April 10th in Baltimore...


No Purple Hearts, No Blue Ribbons
Well, Reisterstown...

A little Mid-Atlantic DTT get together. All bikes are welcome, run at your own pace.

Meetup at 10am on April 10th at Martha and Mary's in historic Reisterstown. Ride the Horses and Hounds route, which is a Scenic Byways of Maryland ride. After the ride we will stop at Broom's Bloom for some Soup and/or ice cream depending on the weather.



Hit me up if y'all are interested.
I'm there (of course!), and hopefully my friends Lee and Scott will be up for it too.

Thanks for helping with the arrangements!
Just rode to Martha and Mary's this morning, and had their breakfast pizza -- yum! Never know, we might not get beyond Reisterstown!

I think next Sunday (if the weather cooperates), I'll try to ride the route to see how it goes. I'm trying to figure out how to go from Middletown Rd. over to Broom's Bloom (I have the route from Reisterstown to Middletown Rd. figured out), so I'll see what might work best. If I can post the route, I'll certainly do it. As well, if anyone has any suggestions for a route from Middletown Rd, that would be great.

The Horses and Hounds route starts from Butler Road, and then veers off to Dover Rd, and then over to Rt. 88. Then we can turn left and go about 2 miles to a traffic circle, and then right onto Lower Beckleysville Rd. Cross Falls Rd, and then it eventually becomes Gunpowder Rd, and will eventually take us to Middletown Rd. After that.....?
Hi Again - I was checking out the map last night, and I think I figured out the route. Weather-permitting, I'm going to ride it next Sunday and see how it is.

This is what I've come up with, and if anyone has additional thoughts, please do let me know:

Starting from Main St. (Rt 30) Reisterstown: Right out of Martha and Mary's parking lot onto Main St and ride to Rt 140. Turn right onto Rt. 140 and head to Butler Rd, turn left. Butler Rd to Dover Rd, bear left. Dover Rd all the way to Rt. 88, turn left. Head to the traffic circle, and take 1st right onto Lower (Upper?) Beckleysville Rd. Head to Cotter Rd, turn right. Cotter Rd to Middletown Rd, turn right. Middletown Rd to York Rd, turn right. York Rd to Wiseburg Rd, turn left. Wiseburg Rd to Graystone Rd, turn right. Graystone Rd to Hunter Mill Rd, turn left. Hunter Mill Rd to Troyer Rd, turn left. Troyer Rd to Norrisville Rd, turn right. Norrisville Rd to Federal Hill Rd (Rt 165), turn left. Federal Hill Rd (Rt 165) to Ady Rd (Rt 543), turn right. Ady Rd (Rt 543) becomes Fountain Green Rd (still Rt 543). Broom's Bloom is on Rt. 543 just above Calvary Rd (Rt 136), near the town of Creswell (just SE of Bel Air, and west of Aberdeen). From there you are very close to I-95 (exit #80). Getting home - you guys are on your own!

So part of this is that 'Horses and Hounds' route, and part of it isn't. I've been on Rt 543 before and I seem to recall that it's a pretty cool road (it was a while ago though). And I've been on everything up to Middletown road several times, and I think it's interesting. The Lower (Upper?) Beckleysville Rd - Cotter Rd area puts you through Gunpowder State Park, so it's fairly scenic. Traffic in that area should be pretty light. I have not done the roads from York Rd onwards, so hopefully I'll be able to check them out next weekend and report back. Hopefully it's not going to be too much stopping and starting with all those left and right turns!

Our starting point (Main St Reisterstown) has conveniently located gas stations, and I'd recommend topping up your tank just to be safe. I don't know how long this route is, but I'll hopefully find that out next week. I can't imagine it being much more than 60 miles. As well, if it does in fact turn out to be a 60+/- mile route, is that ride length okay for everyone, or should I make the ride longer?

As I say, if anyone has any better ideas for the route, please let us know. I'll try to post a map of the route - as soon as I can figure out how to do that!

BTW, Martha and Mary's is a great breakfast spot, so if you want to grab a bite/coffee before we leave, maybe get there earlier than 10am. I'll probably be there by 9am.
Thanks for all of the leg work, I really appreciate it.

The 60 mile ride sounds good to me.

I will get to Martha and Mary's as early as I can. I have no clue how long it will actually take me to get there (coming from Frederick).
No problem -- I've also posted the information on the Honda 305 web forum (http://www.honda305.com).

Hopefully if the weather cooperates, I'll do the dry run of the route on Sunday. I'm also not sure if I need to give Martha and Mary's a heads-up? I don't think we'll be getting 60 riders or anything, but we could possibly have 10-15.
I was just looking on Mapquest to confirm something, and I might be slightly confused with the whole Upper/Lower Beckleysville Rd. The road off the traffic circle is Lower Beckleysville Rd, but it doesn't show it going over to Middletown Rd. Upper Beckleysville Rd is a bit further up on Rt 30, and it goes through the Gunpowder Park and over to Middletown Rd. I'll have to double-check that next weekend, so my directions above might change slightly. I was also looking of the aerial view over towards Rt 543, and it goes through quite a bit of residential-looking roads -- I'll see if I can make it a bit more interesting there.

If you do an 'Aerial View' of Upper Beckleysville Rd, just follow that sucker through the forest and cross the Prettyboy Reservoir -- sweet!
BigAl8295 said:
I've taken Upper Beckleysville across the reservoir. Its pretty nice.

The route looks great!

Thanks Al -- I've actually been doing a bit more studying on Mapquest Aerial View, and I think I'm going to try to add Madonna Rd in there.

So instead of 'Norrisville Rd. to Federal Hill (165), turn left', it might become 'Norrisville Rd. to Madonna Rd., turn left. Madonna Rd to Telegraph Rd, bear right. Telegraph Rd to Rt 136, turn right. Rt 136 to Fawn Grove Rd, turn right. Fawn Grove to Rt. 165, turn left, and then continue to Rt 543 etc etc. Madonna looks like such a neat road, but I want to make sure that we're not going to be doing too much starting and stopping, so this may or may not change.
Well I just got back from the 'dry run' of our route, which combines elements of the 'Horses and Hounds' and 'Mason and Dixon' Maryland Scenic Byways routes. Door-to-door it's about 75 miles, so I hope that's not too far for you guys (of course, that's in addition to your miles riding to Reisterstown AND your miles riding home from Broom's Bloom). So today I did about 160 miles total, which was great, and fortunately the forecasted rain didn't materialize.

So here is the complete route:

1) From Martha and Mary's, turn right out of the parking lot and head to Rt. 128 (about a mile down the road).
2) Turn right on Rt. 128, ride through Glyndon, and head to Butler Rd. Turn left on Butler Rd.
3) Take Butler Rd. to Dover Rd., bear left, then left again onto Dover Rd.
4) Dover Rd. becomes Trenton Rd. at the stop sign. Go straight at the stop sign onto Trenton Rd.
5) Take Trenton Rd. to the T-intersection at Black Rock Rd, turn left.
6) Take Black Rock Rd. to the traffic circle, and continue on Black Rock Rd.
7) At the stop sign, turn right onto Rt. 30 (Main St. Hampstead). This is one spot where our group could get separated.
8 ) Ride a very short distance and turn right onto Upper Beckleysville Rd. (This is a very small intersection)
9) Take Upper Beckleysville Rd. to the T-intersection at Brick Store Rd., turn left.
10) Take the 1st right on Brick Store Rd. onto Beckleysville Rd.
11) Cross Falls Rd. and continue on Beckleysville Rd.
12) Beckleysville Rd. curves right and becomes Cotter Rd.
13) Follow Cotter Rd. to Middletown Rd., turn right.
14) Middletown Rd. to York Rd., turn right.
15) York Rd. to Wiseburg Rd., turn left.
16) Ride to the Wiseburg Rd./Graystone Rd. intersection, and bear right to continue on Wiseburg Rd.
17) Follow Wiseburg Rd. to Hunters Mill Rd., turn left.
18) At the Hunters Mill Rd./Vernon Rd. fork, bear right to continue on Hunters Mill Rd.
19) Continue on Hunters Mill Rd. to the T-intersection at Troyer Rd. (unmarked), turn left.
20) Troyer Rd. to Norrisville Rd., turn right.
21) Follow Norrisville Rd. to Madonna Rd, turn left.
22) Madonna Rd. to Telegraph Rd., turn right.
23) Telegraph Rd. to Rt. 136, turn right.
24) Rt. 136 to Fawn Grove Rd., turn right.
25) Fawn Grove Rd. to Rt. 165, turn left.
26) Rt. 165 to Old Pylesville Rd., turn right. (If you miss this turn, there is another right turn for Rt. 543 just beyond it)
27) Old Pylesville Rd. to Rt. 543 (Ady Rd.), turn right.
28) Rt. 543/Ady Rd. becomes Rt. 543/N. Fountain Green Rd.
29) Turn right into Broom's Bloom where the cow sign is! (The 2nd entrance to Broom's Bloom)

Generally speaking, the roads are really great. The only boring part is Middletown Rd. and Rt. 543 (the road that Broom's Bloom is on). Well let me clarify that: Middletown Rd. COULD be nice, depending upon traffic. If there isn't any traffic it could probably be great. But if there is traffic, then it will be a bit of a bore. Rt. 543 is really the only road that puts you through a 'built-up' area, and we really have no choice but to use that route (taking Rt. 136 from the south would be worse). BTW, all the roads on this route are of the two-lane variety.

The highlight roads are Wiseburg, Hunters Mill, and Madonna. Fawn Grove is pretty awesome too, but here again it depends on traffic (actually, they ALL depend upon the traffic!).

So there you go. I let the owner of Martha and Mary's know that we'll be landing on the morning of the 10th, and she's totally cool with it. I didn't talk to anyone at Broom's Bloom, as I didn't think it was necessary.

I'll try to remember to print copies of these directions for people. As you may have noticed, I did not make note of the mileage from road to road, turn to turn etc. I'm hoping that we'll pretty well be able to follow each other, and if not, you guys will just have to keep your eyes open for the signs.

I-95 is only a couple of miles from Broom's Bloom, so hopefully that will help everyone get home in good time. Plus, there are gas stations near the I-95 ramp.

Let's hope for good weather!
Thanks for setting it up and scouting it Vince. Sounds like a great ride. Weather after Wednesday this week looks great, hopefully it'll stick around.
It was actually pretty fun and informative. I think this route has a nice variety of roads, topography and scenery. Some of the roads have nice sweepers and long straightaways, and some have twisty 15mph turns, one-lane bridges and blind curves. So, we will need to be careful on some of them (particularly Hunters Mill Rd.).

BTW, that does remind me of something: If I'm in fact leading this ride, I'll probably be keeping the speed to 45-55mph, depending upon the road conditions. I am by no means a knee dragger, and want to live to fight another day (and my wife expects me home for dinner in one piece!). However, we don't necessarily want to be puttering along in 2nd gear either (unless conditions dictate otherwise). I hope that everyone will ride at a pace that is comfortable for them. If it's too fast, then we'll see you at Broom's Bloom. If it's too slow, you're more than welcome to blast on by me and carry on. I'll do my best to make sure that we all stick together, but this is by no means a sanctioned AMA ride with signage, spotters, sag wagons or anything along those lines. Hopefully we will all look out for each other, be careful, and have a fun time and good food!
When I lead a group of riders, I suggest everybody ride their own ride. I slow down or stop (as long as it's safe) before a turn to let everybody catch up or at least see where the group is going. It was a good idea to put the route online in case the group gets separated.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody.
Yes, I think that's a good idea. I don't believe there will be any problems, and I'll be sure to print off the directions for everyone (all the instructions just fit on a single piece of paper), and I can bring some blue painters tape to tape them on your tank, if need be.
Hey man,

Thanks again for doing the dry run. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone.

Here's to the ride!
I looked at a couple advanced forecasts. They're saying mid 50s-60. No precip. One of the forecasts says it'll be windy.

They're usually not too accurate this far out though.

It also says sunny and low 60s for Sunday. That'll probably end up being the Saturday weather.
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