Beachcomber's Tales from the day

That is no good to hear mate. I wish you and your family all the best in your recovery.

As much as I am looking forward to the book, I was hoping to see the KZ finished.

Let me know if I can be of any help, not that someone on the other side of the world can offer much.
dewjantim said:
Hate to hear this BC. Are you going to try for a transplant?

To be honest - it hasn't come to that point yet. On the 2 previous occasions this happened [ first was due to wrong medication for another condition !!! ], the function decline was halted - and to be honest that's what I'm hoping for this time. The kidneys then functioned OK 'ish with only minor discomfort side effects for the past 2 years - but now the decline of function has recommenced from an already lower function - if you see what I mean, and that's not so good ! However, the specialists are not so encouraging this time around, that's why I have to have a major assessment in the Summer.

Positive outlook required. There IS another issue [ non-medical ] also going on during the next 18 months or so - which together with the health issue have prompted me to "clear the decks ".

One of my major problems is disposing of the 1000 or so Auto / bike related books - some quite rare now and others unopened. I used to sell Auto / Militeria books for a few years [ run by Mrs.B ] and there was a habit of "one for the shop, one for my personal library" !

Mrs.B would have NO idea of the value of some - Shelby boxed book signed by Carroll and 3 others - last one sold [ without autographs] for £200 frinstance. So they need to be sold in my lifetime.

Jack Sears, Sir John Whitmore, Carroll and I'm wracking my brains over the last one !! Paul Hadley was involved with the later Cobra developments which I liaised with.

Hope your kidney function stays stable BC. I, too, have been thinking about selling off some of my collection since I am in my 60's now. It is difficult to get rid of the things which are dear to you and took years to accumulate. I keep threatening to start selling off my 30+ years of motorcycle magazines and a few of my bikes..... but I won't sell much of my parts collection, except the Harley stuff of course.
So it looks like time for a last TALE ............... let's call it "Beachcomber's Last Roundup".

As previously mentioned, there are a whole bunch of little anecdotal stories not worthy of a full blown Tale, but never the less need to be told - before they are gone forever.

So my intention is to collect all these mini Tales together and offer them as a job lot ... a bit like my bike projects !

I'm working through the existing Tales to give them a final polish and fill in gaps [ thanx Dommie Dave ] and a last proof read so they are ready for publication / whatever. I'm also selecting generic pix from the day to illustrate where I can the flavour of the associated Tale.

Give me a little time to commit these mini Tales from my memory banks ..............................

Thanx to all those who have contacted me with good wishes and kind thoughts.

The "Tales" are about half way through being revamped and final proof read - be a damn' shame if the book didn't get completed in my lifetime !

All the mini tales for the "Last Roundup" are coming along - slowly.

The interim [ April ] medical tests showed a slight levelling off in kidney function [ now at stage 3 of 5 ], but now officially diagnosed as "CKD" - Chronic Kidney Disease. That sounds apocalyptic - but in actual fact is a catchall title from stage 2 - 5.
Damn critical innards gettin in the way of things... ;)

We could not have anything better to share with our friends, I can hear Americans reading the stories out loud in a broken British tongue while pouring mugs of beer in there face. Any help we can provide I would be happy to oblige... maybe a round of donations to help with cover art (samples) along with a pre-order of signed first additions?
TAF - thanx for the kind thoughts ......... I am working on the "Book" now. A lot more work than I anticipated as I want to ensure the Tales are historically correct and of course final proof reading of each Tale.

At the same time I'm rounding up the final "mini-tales" for one last Tale.

Publication of "The Book" is still a way off yet - I will flag up if I need any assistance along the way.

As already promised, DTT'ers [ paid up site supporters ] WILL have their copies signed.
Good to hear you making progress. As I have stated before, just shout if you need anything.

Looking forward to reading the revised versions.
Regrettably progress on the "Last Roundup" Tale has been slow and sporadic to say the least, as has the revamping of the main Tales to form "The Book".

I WILL pick it up again after the round of tests and assessment in July - actual date still not set.
Hang in there Beach. Might I suggest that rather than trying to get all the tales perfect, perhaps they could be pulled into a book format and leave the fine tuning to be part of the final editing process. In other words, time to do the assembly in rough form and worry about paint and polish later.

Some historical pics would help as would some great graphics, and by that I mean getting someone to draw their interpretation of some aspect of each story in period style.
I don't want to come off selfish and all , but I agree... the book is to close and such an accomplishment, a true testament to all your travels.
TAF / Teazer ........... thanx as always for your continued encouragement.

Teazer, I had hoped that I could enlist the help of that superb artist John Hancox [ Hancox Art - ] - and indeed we did have a loose arrangement that John would illustrate the book with some relevant "Tale" artwork. He was responsible for the superb Cafe Racer calendars and art prints which he produced for my use a few years back.

However, we both suffered a series of health problems, which led to us loosing touch somewhat - maybe there's still time to pick up on that. 8)

Come what may, I intend to push on with the revamp and final proof-read etc. - I also need to talk to potential publishers, I'm setting my target for the end of this year.

One point I'm still uncertain about .............. the language used throughout the Tales is in the vernacular of the day [ good old Anglo Saxon terms ;) ] and I'm not certain if that would put off some publishers? And if I water it down, it will lose some of the flavour of the times?
Send it too some publishers and see what they think, the worst they can say is that it's not or them. There is also internet self publishing if no one wants to put it into print.
I think it should remain in the original language that you have written it in.

If you water it down I believe it will loose some of its charm.

As stated several times, I am more than happy to pre-order 2 copies to get the ball moving.
Brodie said:
I think it should remain in the original language that you have written it in.

If you water it down I believe it will loose some of its charm.

As stated several times, I am more than happy to pre-order 2 copies to get the ball moving.

Thanx Brodie,

I think the "pre-orders" and "commit to buys" are now numbered at around 100 !!!

And yes, I think it would take something away of the era if I watered the language down - after all, it's not written for kids !!!
102 or 3 ;)

The slang is the Wilson's gravy on the words man! The humor would surly loose it's luster.

The stories edited to run like weekly additions would keep a guy at his wits end waiting for the next edition.
Apolgies to all the "Tales from the Day" followers .................. I have not been really focussed this year with all the background squitter going on.

However, the main assessment is due next week, and results should be out within a week. I'll keep you all posted as to the outcome.

Once that's out of the way I can hopefully get my life kickstarted and I'll be getting back to the final Roundup Tales
Life is more important, I know I am not alone when I wish you all the best on the upcoming tests.
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