Beachcomber's Tales from the day

I've now managed to recover ALL the Tales from my hacked [ 3rd time ! ] PC - and yes, everything now saved on an external hard drive - genius eh ?

That means I can finish off proofing and revamping the remainder of the Tales.

Coffee table book still a way off - but at least something is happening now.

And I haven't forgotten all the promises of signed copies when the day comes.

Robot Co .................. get in touch with me.
Coffee table book still in progress - honest ! ;)

I've been slowed down by health isuues - not my own this time, but a dear old friend [ of 45 years ] who has been fighting lung cancer / asbestosis.

Short version - I've been running him back and forth for hospital appointments for the past 7 months and taking his wife to and from hospital [ 40 mile round trip twice a day ] for visits for the past 3 weeks.

Operation was a 90% success with the tumor and 80% of the asbestosis removed. He's back home now and a pretty good prognosis, but no guarantees of course. At least he now has 2 inflated and working lungs !

And me ? I continue to be in a stable condition and slight improvement from stage 3.

NO excuses now to continue with my Tangerine Dream project - and working on the Tales.
I'm very excited for this book to come out.

Here's where I list all my bikes:
'71 Kaw 250 Bison
'81 KZ750 cafe
'94 XR250L
2014 Yamaha Bolt

In progress: '68 CL350
runmikeyrun said:
I'm very excited for this book to come out.

Here's where I list all my bikes:
'71 Kaw 250 Bison
'81 KZ750 cafe
'94 XR250L
2014 Yamaha Bolt

In progress: '68 CL350

Talking of which ....................

I've contacted a couple of publishers, 1 of whom has expressed an interest, but I also have a couple of others to talk to. Still early days, but I've sent galley proofs of a couple of random tales to whet their appetite [ or make them sick ! ]

However, I now need some feedback as to the style of the actual book.

Large coffee table style ?

"normal" A4 size?

Paperback ?

Hardback ?

You know the drill peeps.
Coffee has to be dominated by pictures, IMO. That's how I would make the decision on trim size. What is the majority of the content- words, pictures, or both? Is it going to be full, high quality color? Coffee books are also closer to square. Most commonly around 10in x 12in, or thereabouts.

Workshop manuals or usually closer to your A4 size reference. Considering the subject matter, that could be an interesting artistic choice. You could even do up the cover graphics like a workshop manual. It could combine color and B&W images throughout the book. If I went with this format, I would consider what's called a trade paperback. It's a thicker, full color cover usually in gloss or satin sheen or the combo of both. I think you could do trade paperback in coffee or the 8in x 11in "workshop manual".

Considering this isn't likely to be a mass production deal, I wouldn't even consider going small paperback. It'll be cheaper, sure, but I think the story and images wouldn't get the proper setting in a small paperback.
My only reasoning behind coffee is exposure on the shelf/stand and a self serving feeling that people will pick it up and I can smile just watching them read a while, knowing what's up lol.

I know every time I go to a book store I always browse the coffee table books for goodies.

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I agree with Eric. Coffee table would be cool but they usually have a lot of pictures as the bulk. A workshop manual style or an A5 size would be cool. I think a thick paperback would be the go. Hard cover is definitely nicer but costs a bit more.
How about the stories in digital read by Beach lol that shit would sell for road trip laughter

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Re: pix / graffix.

I have written permission from artist John Hancox to use his renderings ( royalties of course ) + my artist pal Ian Cunningham ( has agreed to do a series of period correct paintings to accompany the Tales.

So, the book could be quite art heavy ?
Hoofhearted said:
Looking forward to seeing and buying a copy.

Hey there Hoof - all OK mate ?

I would like your permission to add a "guest" tale from your own postings - let me know.

All is good (more or less) BC. Just been exploding Weslakes and trying to get ready for Bonneville. Thankfully parts are still available. By all means use any story I told you. Hope you are keeping OK.

Update, all the Tales have now been proof read and I 'm going through to make certain there's no little details I've left out. I've expanded a couple of the early Tales, when I was still unsure if peeps were interested or not and kept them shortish. 8)

I just need to get clarity from a couple of potential publishers before I go any further down that route - I guess production costs will eventually play a part in "what format". ;)

Thanx for the offer Hoof, a couple of guest Tales from similar era peeps would be good.
Wow BC. I found this thread not long a go (currently on page 33) I am really enjoying all the tales. Photobucket is spoilling things a little. I would love to have several copies of your book.
At the turn of century I was in my early 20's and would spent many hours in laybys on the new Andover ring road (very near to Thruxton race track) we would race each other and especially strangers between the round abouts with all the usual hiding, running from the plod. VERY pre digital days so if you were not court you nearly always got away with it. Somethings don't change huh. Anyways you are a great story teller. Thanks for sharing and I know I am not alone when I wish you good health :)
Popeye, thanx for the kind words.

Re: Photofuckit. I'm going through the tales one by one [ !!! ] where the pix have been hi-jacked, to see if it's possible to load direct to the site. Well, yes, I can do that - but I need to delete all the speedos !
Once you upload to this site, you'll have an address. Just replace the address for each image with the edit function.
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