Bell Bullitt

Definitely not the final model (I hope at least). Missing the chrome trimmings, unless there's some special all flat black version. I love the latch for the shield.
Well that should do the job of convincing everyone that is in in fact vintage styled haha.
Dude looks like a retarded space alien in it.
Vintage helmet check.
does not look like an old bell at all wtf the eye port is way too big and those bumps at the hinge are wrong as well
but i do get it, ;D its all about riding around with a selfie to show::)
the more I see the cream/red color scheme the more I like it. In need of my first lid and this goes nicely with my build. $400 is a bit steep but l can't afford the arai corsair.

Doesn't seem like local vendors will be getting it so won't be able to try it on before purchasing
I agree completely with Tim. Try on a gazillion helmets... everything you can find. Try multiple sizes too, until you find the smallest one that fits snugly without pressure points. Remember. If you can feel a pressure point in the minute or so you have it on in the showroom, it's likely to get 1000 times worse "on the road". It might loosen up or wear in as you use it, but I've found that if i don't love it in the showroom, I won't learn to love it on the road.

The Arai just fit's my noggin best. I don't mess around any more. I have an old Simpson Bandit that I wear for the "look". I usually have a headache when I'm done. :p
This bullit looks like it has a nice wide field of vision. Finally a vintage helmet with a real face shield.
Personally I think it's just as ugly as the original was.
At least it's ECE 2209 which is a 'better' standard than Snell (less likely to kill you)
The Griffin was a better shaped helmet, I think it was the first to use a wind tunnel for design? (I know you didn't get any wind induced vibration at 140+ unlike a few others I tried)
Withers said:
Found another shot, this time of somewhere wearing the prototype and in all black

Looks way better than the Gringo IMHO.

Nailed it!

I do like it though


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Revzilla lists 4 shield colors (for both flat and bubble)

I'll be trying one of these on if I can find one, but I'm not going to go hugely out of my way to find one. The Bell full helmets I've tried on before don't fit me as nicely as others.
Tons of pics on Union Garage's site
I dig it.. as long as it fits my head shape and feels good, I'll put up the 400. But I'm kind of a helmet whore.
$400 is pretty standard for a well made helmet. I spend that on dirt bike helmets FFS hahaha...

this is neat, i like the bubble shield and bell helmets fit me really well.
Well no one around me is going to be carrying it I guess so I pre-ordered one. Hopefully it fits as well as my Custom 500 does. Black with chrome accents :)
The inside of this helmet is gorgeous! Is the Gringo probably the closest quality retro style currently available?
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