Bell Bullitt

The design concept they used was called the Bullitt, I'm not really sure why they didn't change it since the concept wasn't even from Bell.

For me, the price is easily justified. This is a real deal full faced helm with vintage looks. It has all the bells and whistles I would want and more safety certifications than any other vintage helmet on the market under $500, but it will look more at home on a vintage motorcycle. If it doesn't fit well I'll send it back :shrug:
They seem to be popping up on eBay, hopefully that means they'll be around in stores soon.

edit: yup, just got the shipping notification
I didn't get to take any pics last night but I'll try to take some tonight and do a more in-depth review.

The fit and finish is unbelievable. The materials used on the inside are plush enough that I'm a little concerned about their longevity but it's an extremely comfortable helmet. I suspect the venting will be more than sufficient. It fits a little snugger than my Custom 500 of the same size, but I probably just need to break it in a bit before the fit will be identical. I got the gloss black version with the chrome trim and a flat face shield and couldn't be happier. It's an extremely well made helmet. I haven't had a chance to ride around yet but the weather forecast for this weekend looks promising. We'll see how it stacks up then.
lol sorry, if it would get nice enough to take the bike out I'd have my wife take pictures of me riding around in it. I'll try to get pics of the fitment and stuff tomorrow. Been busy and keep forgetting to change the batteries in my flash.
if your trying to look like a blast from the past, it certainly fits the bill.

me personally, i preffer versatility.

im hoping i can save up soon and get myself a nolan N44
Ok here we go. I'll take some closeups of the helmet itself later, but you can't really do better than what Union Garage NYC took earlier:





sorry that helmet is just hideous :-\ :'( :-[
do you really ride in sneakers and gloveless :eek:
what is going on with the front brake ? you have it pulled almost tight to the grip
does it be squishy ?
xb33bsa said:
sorry that helmet is just hideous :-\ :'( :-[
do you really ride in sneakers and gloveless :eek:
what is going on with the front brake ? you have it pulled almost tight to the grip
does it be squishy ?

I don't have boots yet, but I do have gloves. I just didn't feel like putting everything on to go take pictures 100 feet from the house.

There must still be some air in the lines, I've bled almost a whole bottle of brake fluid from it though.

I like the helmet though. It looks similar to the Gringo but fits better and is a much higher quality build.
try bleeding starting with the master first
just by cracking the banjo bolt
pump the lever severall times, hold on the last
crack bolt untill lever comes to the grip, close bolt before releasing lever,repeat
during this process just snug is tight enuff on the banjo bolt no need to wrench it crazy tight every time
99.9% of the time the issue is air in the master,unless you'e master piston size is too small
just be sure and have a ton of rags underneath
Get a speedbleeder valve. Makes bleeding your brakes easy and quick. You'll find yourself doing it just for fun.

Get new brake lines too.
Already did both of those, all stainless steel lines, speed bleeders on both calipers. I ordered a 14mm piston master cylinder, which I think is the right size for a GL1000... I'd hate it if I bought the wrong damn thing.
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