Brodie's W800

Very tastefully done !! Looks like a perfect restoration of a classic bike !
Thanks. I am happy with it. Thinking of getting lower bars and then back to the performance mods focused on handling this time.
I would like to be in that picture, right now.
Perfect weather for riding this weekend. Getting a bit warm but up on Beechmont where that photos is taken it was a lot cooler.
Ran into a friend who was preparing his paraglider about 15mins before I took that photo.

In about a month I am going to be wishing for snow.
I like the way this bike has evolved over the years. You've done a great job of making it unique and yours but it still all just looks "right" and factory original. Great job!
I have to agree Cory, it would be too easy to turn that thing gaudy, but every mod has made it better imho. Nice bike!
Thanks. I love the look of the 40s to 60s Brit bikes and wanted to try and keep this bike looking close to fitting in with that period.

Been over a year since and update.
Nothing really has changed except the odometer reading and tyres.
Here are two shots from rides when I have remembered to take them.
Forgetting pictures means the ride is too fun to bother. I took like 2 on the big ride Magoo and I did last summer but we still have the memories.
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