Brodie's W800

Took her down to get tuned today.


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Thanks, they managed to get a very smooth 52.73hp out of her with 48.76ft.lbs of torque.

The power is much smoother through the whole range now.


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Nice. The 2017-2019 is rated at 48 or 47 at the crank depending on where the article is from, so that's a decent gain at the wheel for sure.
That sounds like a very worthwhile increase. Great looking ride, too.
Thanks heaps guys, I am very happy with it. I have only seen one other W800 in the colours I have so it certainly turns heads when ever I am out. My riding buddies laugh because it's always 50yo men looking at it.

Here are a few photos from the day of the tune that Powerhouse posted on their Facebook, although apparently my name is "Brady" now.
Powerhouse Nerang W800


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Great work sir, that looks awesome!

I know it sucked at the time but...
Your sig line still makes me laugh...
Ha thanks mate. Totally out of context but it makes for a good laugh.

I had the final warranty service done last week. All was well aside from the brake fluid which had a high moisture content.
I was told it would be $75 for a brake fluid change.
No was my answer of course. So I spent that $75 on a new braided hose from Hel and did the work myself.

Decided to check the fluid to make sure I wasn't being sold BS. Yep that is way out of spec.

Out with the old.

Made sure I got all of the old fluid I could out.

Took the stock rubber line off.

Replaced with the new Hel braided line with Gold anodised fitting, then in with the new.

Thought that I would give the reverse bleed a crack. I must say it works very well with only one minor draw back. I filled the master with a dose of new fluid and drained it again so make sure I had removed all the old, moisture laden fluid.
I then reverse fed the remaining fluid much higher than the fill line in the master and closed off the bleed.
I gave the brakes a squeeze and found no pressure.
Might have been my fault with the process. I then proceeded to bleed as normal and found air had been caught in the lower banjo.
All good once that was sorted.
Brakes are nice and crisp now. Amazing what a fluid and hose change can do for brakes.
What's that instrument you've got there with the led's? Is it specifically for checking moisture content in brake fluid? Never seen that before.
Yep moisture tester for brake fluid.
Handy tool that I hardly ever use.
That's such a sweet-looking machine. Your new exhaust is outstanding.
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