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So I added a fan, wall mount fans are bloody expensive. Which is why I bought a $11 pedestal fan and mounted it to the wall! Have to say it does not flow air very well.

Apparently there is a large wall mount fan in my near future.

Ohh and I finished the trench and ran the wiring, just need a sparky to hook up the sub board to the main board and the rest of the system in the shed.

Few more overtime shifts and it will be go!
Erskine said:
Woah up there matey ........... it's the thin edge of the wedge.
It's scientifically proven that women don't see empty space as a blank canvas to do stuff. They see it as a void that need to be filled.
The resting state of a workshop is EMPTY! Relentless monitoring and enforcement needed.
If you let her store so much as a pair of shoes in there you're f'ked!

Well, you were right. But I can say I did have a plan. I have developed the "1 month" rule. If it is in my shed for a month and I think it is not worth keeping it goes to the dump. If it is worth keeping it goes in a storage box, gets sealed up and goes under the house.

Total number of storage boxes in shed vs underhouse = 6/9. Three of which are full off my old consoles and computer gear. I need to go through them and sell, trade or throw out a heap of stuff.
The christmas tree and decorations rocked up in the shed last month. So they went under the house the next day.

In shed improvement news... I have fitted a sound system to the shed. It is a very basic 5.1 amp/sub with 4 speakers fitted through the L and R channels. Does the job quite well.

OHH and I sold my boat, my LS2 Yamaha, nearly sold the camper and have managed to be given another boat full of crap. It is like the shed is cursed to be filled with boats full of crap.
That will be going soon as a friend of mine who has asked me to store it is moving soon and will be taking it over to his new place.

Also installed a proper wall mount fan that my missus got me from christmas. It works a treat at keeping a breeze going. Now I just need to vent the shed better to remove the hot air. A solar heat extractor or 2 will be going on shortly.
Still need to get power down there lol. Has been a while. I just need to run the wiring and it is to bloody hot at the moment to do that.
I liked that boat 8) Did you get a good number for it ??? Good call on the shed rule, like an anti-hoarding measure ;D
Have you still not shifted that camper yet? Jeez.
I did warn you lol
Well done on putting your foot down!
Ha nope. Camper ended up being given to me, I used it a few times and decided I prefer a tent. So I have gotten rid of the boat off it to my old man. Now my uncle wants to buy the camper.

Yeah I did like that boat as well. Got a good price, took a heap of things out of it and am selling/sold them. Spent the cash on stuff for the BSA.
Only 5 years since an update.
I ended up going over the entire area out the front of the shed.
New drainage, 3tonne of clay/gravel mixed removed, new dirt put back in and a garden bed built which still needs to be planted out.
Plan is to get a tall yet skinny bamboo for the bed to block the neighbours out and kill some of the noise from the shed.
Congrats on getting to where you are Brodie ........... Looking forward to seeing what comes out of those doors !!!
Thanks TJ. Slow but steady in there.
Just started putting the Honda XL back together and sorted out the mess that is my work bench.
Recently I acquired a much needed addition to the workshop. A big toolbox/bench combo.
This has allowed me to clean up a great portion of the other work bench and consolidate 4 tool boxes into one.


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Nice! We had similar sized boxes at work on each pad (like work stations in a dealership garage, but for cyclotrons). Someone found upright additions to bolt on with a shelf across, whiteboard, and light built in.
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