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Gold Coast, Queensland
So I recently bought my first house, which had neither a garage nor proper shed. All that there was to work with was a 3mx3m garden shed that I could hardly stand in. And so the saving began.
I have bought together enough funds with the help of my father (get your crap out of my house funds) So within the next few days I will be getting a workshop built. Should be roughly around 350 square foot, enough room to work and store a few things.

Had to do a bit of the site prep my self, plumbing and such.

Anyway here is it, I will post progress as it happens.



Nice mate, congrats on the house :D look forward to seeing your shop come to life 8)
Thanks mate, going to take a bit of inspiration from your workshop build, maybe even a few ideas might be borrowed.

I start my work week tomorrow, the day they are due to start the slab, so I will miss most of the action this week as I work 12 hour days.
Alright so here is the actual shape of the shed and a predicted floor lay out. Off to bed for me, have to earn the cash to build the insides yet.


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Hmm I had though that as well. The fridge should hold a bit. If not there is an esky in the boat. My current plan is to sell the boat and get some solar panels for the house.
LOL sign me up, I see all the important stuff and as long as the BEER section is regularly replenished, it should suffice ;D
I think I need a bigger beer section as well, my dorm fridge just about holds enough home brew to keep me happy for a few days.

Be watching looks awesome, I love having a nice place to work in, half the reason I bought the house I'm in now is because of the oversized 2 car garage.
Going to make all the difference I recon. All I had was a portable workbench a driveway and some space in front of my boat.
Hell yes it's going to make a difference. That's coming from basically nothing.
Subscribed ;)

That's about the size of mine. I got more room than I thought I would, but beware, it fills up quick :p

And do yourself a favor, build a "lean to" shed on the side of the shop, or buy a small shed for the lawn stuff. You'll be happier without the grass clippings getting into everything.
That is what I have been thinking as well. We have next to no storage in the house so there are a few things that will have to be moved into the shed. I was planning on using racking across where the garden crap will go. The local hardware store has small enough sheds that I could store all the garden equipment in for cheap enough.

After looking through a few other workshop builds around the net I have come up with a different layout. Fairly similar but better use of the space. I am planning on build a sound proof air compressor box to keep the noise of my ancient compressor down. That and adding a sink and a bit more storage. Space is the main issue as everyone knows.


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Alright so after calling just about bloody everybody involved in building my workshop it is finally happening. Slab is going down tomorrow, then the shed is "due" to follow a week after that.

I am planing on coating the slab with a concrete sealer, and I would like to get it done before the shed goes up. But we will see what happens, if I don't have time off before it is built I will miss that chance.

I started digging the trench to run the power, water and LAN today. going to cost a bit in conduit but hey it needs to be done.

Anyway I will grab some photos tomorrow and upload them once the slab work is done. Also that tree is slowly carcing it, gave it a dose with higher concentrate herbicide today. Should be dead by the time the shed is done. Give me something to use my Solo Rex on haha.
ANNDDD Still no slab....

The concreter was never sent the plans... So I called the shed company as soon as they opened and the lovely office girl explained to me that the sales man had forgotten to send it and she was quite annoyed.
Well at least it isn't just me banging my head on the wall. Looks like the slab "should" be started tomorrow, at 7am. So there is that.

I have been thinking about how to run the power and water to the slab. I have been looking at installing it through the slab but I am concerned about structural weaknesses. So I am leaning towards installing them at ground height through the wall. Something along the lines of this.


Installing the drain will be my only catch then but I am sure I will work it out.

Off to finish that trench.
Which translates as: "You're going to fucking die a slow and painful death due to electrical shock."
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