BSA Lightning Bobber


Got about two miles from my house last night and this happened. Limped home sort of balancing the seat on the springs. Guess it’s time for a new seat pivot.

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Wasn’t as scary as you’d imagine. I was just bummed because I was hoping for a good ride to town and back.

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I wish it did. I’ll have to get a weld on version I believe.

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could just clean up the area with a wire wheel and use a piece of 1/8 plate to make a new tab, would save you some cashola

Found a guy down the road who put a quick weld on the existing bracket for me. It’ll be enough for the rest of this season and then I’ll get something better done over the winter. Back on the road for now though. Took it out for a Sunday morning coffee run.

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That bike is really cool. All that set hinge needs is a couple of triangular side pieces welded on to stop it flexing.

Seat mount weld broke again last time I rode it. Decided it is time to fix the stuff that bugs me and look for any less obvious problems over the cold months. Got a new seat pivot on the way from Low Brow. Gonna take it up to a friend to have him weld it on and do something better with the battery box. It will be a good time to figure out better electrical mounting, re wire it and sort out front end stuff. Deciding if I want to powder coat the frame or just hit the bad spots with some paint.

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