Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

finished welding up the collars, everything's ground and sanded, in high temp primer.


Drew up a mounting tab for the exhaust. Cut it out (along with a few backups) on the laser today at work.


drew up a sprocket yesterday. Burned it out on the laser today and had the mazak guy finish it up on the lathe. Unfortunately he picked today to wake n bake, so surface finish didn't come out as nice as I'd hoped.


Decided to start the fiberglass project today. First time ever using the stuff, so we'll see how it goes.









Will probably go out and pop it later this evening.
Thanks for the compliments!

I haven't updated much lately because I didn't think anyone was actually following along anymore.

Seat pan is off getting leather work done. Tank is waiting for electrolysis, and then I'm cutting out the filler neck and installing a flush mount. Motor build is in process still. I've got most of the parts, other than the head and rocker box, which are being massaged at the moment by a "Crazy" fella in Florida.
I have been waiting to see how your seat pan turned out. Just watching quietly in admiration.
Brodie said:
I have been waiting to see how your seat pan turned out. Just watching quietly in admiration.
Here's how it looked coming off the mold.



Looked like this after being trimmed. I touched it up again with resin to get rid of the loose strings and seal the edges. I primed the bottom which turned out fine, but when I shot it with black paint, it didn't stick. I bead blasted it back off before it went for leather.



Re: Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

Was working with the glass as easy as it looks? ;)
Re: Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

wowbagger said:
Was working with the glass as easy as it looks? ;)
I think I made it harder than it needed to be. I felt rushed. But honestly, but the time I was happy with it, the resin was just starting to setup, so it worked out. Beyond that, I didn't mind it at all.
Decided to get rid if the flip top from this old honda tank.

Looked like hell inside, but I had already soaked it in lacquer thinner for a few days to get rid of the varnish, and then Evaporust to get rid of any of that nonsense...

So it was just a matter of a little cleanup with some brake clean and a long handled nylon brush.

Emptied and dried, ready for welding

Hour or so later... still has some metal finishing to be done, couple suspect spots I will touch up in case of pin holes, then I will pressure check it before it goes for paint.


Final cap will be just like this, but black. I forgot to bring it out to the garage with me, so this one is hijacked from my dad's bike temporarily.
this bike is looking awesome. I wish my dad would do a project with me. I think having his welding skills might mean I could turn out a decent bike for once.
having the ability to fab parts like you might help also. awesome bike dude. your son is lucky.

The seat should be back from the leather guy soon. he took a LONG time to tool it, and just about as long to actually ship it back. And to be honest, I'm not overly impressed with it based on the pictures :(





I am trying to reserve judgement until it actually shows up. But I am not holding my hopes that I won't have to recover it
Re: Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

Here's hoping but those certainly don't instill confidence do they. Great work on the rest though! Going to be a cool little bike
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