Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

surprisingly enough, it looks better in person than it does in pictures. My son turns 19 next week... I suppose I should update the thread title :lol:

Fits good!



DrJ said:
That is one ghetto seat cover job.

I'm not thrilled with it, but it was one of the first this guy has done, and like Is aid it looks WAY better in person. Pics just don't do it justice. He's a tattoo artist normally, and had done a couple seats, so I asked him to do one for me. Basically only charged me for materials. If I decide I hate it later I will get it redone.
Sent the head off to @crazypj around 2015 for work... it never came back. Anyone talked to him lately?
Sorry, I'm still alive but things have been a bit worse than usual last few years.(I posted some stuff in 360 build to blog).
I made new valve guides but step-grandson liked the look of them and managed to 'move' them 'somewhere' so I have to make another set.(he's 5 now but still likes to 'borrow' tools and stuff from garage)
Rocker arms and valves are a bigger problem though. (and have been since the beginning)
I'll fit 35mm inlets.
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