Cafe seems to morph into fighter

Where'd you get the bars? Are they just generic Superbike bars or Renthals or ?? Are the 7/8"?
Pro taper fatty bars. Love em!!! ;D

Found a set on ebay for 40 bucks off a YZ125. They are like 70 new. ;)

If I remember correctly they are 1" going through the riser and taper down to standard 7/8 so all the stock controls bolt right on. Therefore the name, Pro....."taper".
I used similar Fat Bars of the Phat Trakka and love the look. They come in different bends and colors too. IIRC mine came from fleabay.
Ah, cool...but too bad for me. All of my bikes have 7/8" mounts. :(

I see a lot of the fat bars for sale cheap on ebay. Are yours just a Super Bike bend or a factory bend? They look perfect.
You can get Fat Bar adapters that raise the bars an inch or so and slip into the stock lower bar mount. Or if you have rubber mounted bars, get the replacement clamps. All available on flebay.
That second pair of risers, the ones that bolt through the triple clamp, is what I used. Brought the top triple to a machine shop to drill the holes because I dont have a drill press. I think they are a "superbike' bend.

I took the punisher for a rip today. Man I love this bike!!!!!

Pure old school HOT ROD!!!! All the kids on thier plastic bubbles givin me the thumbs up, gotta love it!! 8)

That's a great feeling!! Enjoy it... you earned it!! 8) 8)
Hey Drew, I had seen your triple, but I never saw that KZ build before. That thing is Billy Bad Ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

If we lived near each other we could form a gang and terrorize the modern bikes!! LOL ;D
saw the Youtube video of the Punisher...inspirational...I have two CB750 SS and neither runs like that...mind sharing some details on that monster?
especially engine mods?
ignition mods?
if you've posted that stuff already just tell me to go to hell...


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I dont know if you guys have seen this. It sooooo bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most bad ass bikes ever, 500cc GP 2 strokers.
Got a little saddle time on the punisher today. Great ride, pullin strong!! 8)

Did I ever mention that I put panty hose covers over the screens on my v stacks??? A little more protection for the mill. You can see how they are brown colored, work perfect!!!! 8)

Tryin to take pics at different angles to keep from gettin boring!! :lol:

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