CB350 Bagger Project

This looks amazing, 21" wheel is the best size without being stupid big. And I say ditch that fairing but find something that works, a bagger needs one.

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Yep, a bagger needs a fairing.
If - big if, here, you could find one, back in the '60's, Bates, Buco, Wixom and probably other companies built touring-style, handlebar / fork-mounted fairings for bikes like the CA72 /77 (250cc / 305cc) Honda Benly Dream. It would be about the right size for your 350 - a shrunken version of the one you have.
I have one particularly vivid memory of a Dream, everything painted bright white - frame, tank, fender, bags and Buco fairing; the guy was wearing a matching white riding outfit made from some satiny material and a white Buco helmet to top it off. I think the pants legs and jacket arms had fringing on them, but memory might be playing me false, here (it was over 50 years ago).
If I get time, I'll dig through my old bike books to try to find and scan a couple of the old fairing ads and post them.
It might sound odd in this age of 1000cc commuter bikes, but back in the sixties it was common enough to see guys out touring on 250 and 350 cc bikes. My older brother once rode his CB350 (bags, windshield, carrier, crash bars, etc etc etc) 700 miles in one day and I did a bunch of 400 and 500 mile day rides on my '67 YR1 Yamaha 350)
Love your build.
Thanks guys. I have a CB350 fairing I'm going to investigate using but I like the look of it without it but I'll try it. I was hoping to wire it up this weekend but it looks like the parts I need won't be here until Monday.

I put the seat and tank on last night just to see. Lookin gangsta.


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Ive been watchin this thing since you first posted up and I was pretty unsure about it, but ill tell ya this thing is just way to cool.
JustinLonghorn said:
I think you are right down the road from a few of us, Dave. We should have a beer and shop night.

Yeah, FredNeck isn't that far. I got up there for auctions from time to time. If you are on Facebook, join this group. We chat in it and try to set stuff up but I usually just stay home and work on stuff. We talked about having a CB350 party but it never got organized.
That looks very nice. Seriously, very cool setup. I really like it. What bags did you use?

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lostboy said:
That looks very nice. Seriously, very cool setup. I really like it. What bags did you use?

Thanks, I'm not sure on the bags, I got them at an auction but someone said they think they might be aftermarket bags for a Honda GL1200 or 1100 Goldwing. There are no markings on them.
Getting closer. Waiting for cables and a new headlight I got for it to get here. Then a few wiring things to do, fuel lines, and a couple finishing touches and it will be ready to join the local bagger club.


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Dayyyyyum....that is so cool, and that you can do something like that to these little bikes.
You know.... instead of a headlight fairing, what about trying to retrofit or fab some shin/leg fairings like what came on the old Honda Cub? Not sure how you could clear the pipes but could be a real cool touch
cool bike. I think it looks great without the headlight personally but since were throwing out fairing suggestions here I always though the kz400 deluxe had a great bagger fairing. i took one off a bike i flipped. they're pretty small and narrow, just trim the screen down.


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$71 on the old eBay with free shipping:


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