CB350 Bagger Project

I have an old Honda Cb350 fairing I might try to fit on later. It's still pretty wide. The ebay one is cool. I asked the seller what the width is. I have a headlight coming for it. It will be here today. I tried to ride it Saturday but found a couple pin holes in the gas tank and one of the carb slides was stuck. I'm going on vacation for a week so I won't get to it for a couple weeks.
The Bagger is done. I'm not going to put a fairing on it now. Maybe someday but I like it as is.

It has a 21" front wheel, Wassell gas tank from the 1970s, harley springer seat, two harley FLH rear fenders welded together to make the rear fender, aftermarket bags from a Honda GL1000 or something from the 1970s or 1980s. Front fender is a rear fender from a Moto Guzzi that I took 2" out of the middle and added ribbing under it to make it stronger. It has harley mufflers, and a Guide headlight from the 1960s or so.


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