CB350 Project

Monoshock conversion mockup done. Time to finish off some welding and off to powder we go.

Probably 'a lot' looks to be about a 20:1 leverage ratio?
Going to need some decent bracing to keep the arms from bending
very nice looking fab work
5-6" of wheel travel would be more than enough, any more and you will start to see serious issues with the chain rubbing on the bottom front of the swinger
you are going to need to redo the shock shorten its travel anyway right now you have epic mx travel lol
looking at your work ;) I am sure you will succeed
When 'designing' suspension, I find 5~6 bottles of Newcastle Brown makes the 'math' go a lot smoother ;D
Nah, just build it then work things out later, it's actually safer than many of the very poor 'modifications' carried out on stock suspension (forks lowered so much wheel contacts frame/pipes, suspension locks up suddenly after inch of travel, frame loops so low rear wheel hits them when sitting on bike, etc)
Coasters (beer mats in Britain) are great for 'engineering drawing when you've 'had a few' ;)
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