CB350 Scrambler Siblings

Engines ready for install and another look at the paint. Just waiting for the frames to come back from powder coat to start final assembly.

I've been waiting on my frames to come back from powder coating, so I've been doing little odds and ends so assembly will be a bit faster.

I did machine some aluminum lower fork seats for the powder coated forks. The coating prevented the originals from fitting so I turned these down on the lathe. I like them, they have a bit of a more modern feel.

Also made the stainless headlight mounts. Good thing I have this mock-up frame to keep things going while the actual frames are at powder coat.



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Fantastic! Just found your post, i'm building a brat/scrambler with my cousin, it's gonna be his first bike. It's a Honda ML125 1983, and i'm seeing a lot of resemblances between our projects, including the rear led lights, tires.. following! Keep the good work!

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