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Split personality, I fake being smart
Well, they didn't let her out until the 8th. She has some sort of lung condition so has to be on oxygen for next few weeks (maybe months?)
Apart from that, I'm running around like crazy getting stuff for her and trying to teach her how to use all the equipment. Had to get an O2 monitor and a new BP monitor but everything else looks OK
I hope insurance is paying for O2 generator ($700 a month otherwise)


Split personality, I fake being smart
Betty must be doing well, just 'hid' in the garage and made a few sets of CB360 vacuum adapters. (complaining obviously means she's getting better) Because it took? years to sell the last 25 sets I made I've only made 4 sets this time and one is already spoken for


Split personality, I fake being smart
Was asked to make a couple of spacers to mount footrest hanger on swing arm pivot bolt. As usual, couldn't leave well alone so instead of basic parallel 'lump', did some math and machined some angles so they have a taper.
Took a guess at large size, small diameter is 30mm, centre hole 15mm. Haven't used small rotary table for a few years, spent some time looking for the various fasteners and fittings for it. Yes, the one on the right holes are not consistent 60 degree spacing, I didn't tighten it down properly (and forgot to check before starting drilling)
Not really important as holes can't be seen when hanger is one side and swing arm pivot on the other. Should look better than having a 2~3mm step though? Original picture I was sent


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Split personality, I fake being smart
First log in for a while.
Been feeling totally exhausted and didn't know why exactly (thought it was grandson wearing me out)
Anyway, wife has been sick and in hospital (had hysterectomy plus other issues, now has to carry oxygen bottle around plus a oxygen generator to sleep with)
I checked blood pressure using her equipment, was really high (192/112) but not too concerned until I looked it up online where several different sites said call 911 (or you can blow a gasket)
Side effects of high BP are exhaustion, blurry vision, headaches, etc.
I'm off to docs to see if I can get some meds for it.
I 'look' OK and have always had BP in the 80~90 / 120~130 range so even doctors don't always do all the tests ther should.
Getting old sucks but beats the alternative ?


“Kto ne riskuet, ne pyot champanskoye.”
Yeah, that's scary-high BP, PJ. Don't want you stroking out, brother.
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Split personality, I fake being smart
Saw doc last Friday, he had prescribed meds last August but for some reason pharmacy never got script?
Anyway, got some meds now and feeling quite a lot better so may actually get something done for a change

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