cb750 - $2k custom

Great bike. Wish I could do half of the fabrications you do. I don't have the access to most of the needed tools :(.

I see a good BOTM here too.
stogz, you can do most fabrication without fancy equipment so don't limit yourself because you think you need big buck tools.
you can make tools/parts with minimal investment in a welder and lathe..it's unbelievable what can be made with out special tools. search the internet and you tube for any subject, procedure..
good luck,joe@ cycle
well that's that.....
maybe it's time to build a bobber since everyone has or is planning on buying or making a c/r soon. ha.......
fning c/r t.v.! by the way is that pos still on?
have a good one, joe@ vcycle

the original strap was removed due to the natural leather color not doing too much for me so i
dyed the strap and imprinted the logo by using a hydraulic press on top of the metal and then high lighted with white paint...
now the spring wait begins .
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