cb750 - $2k custom


Coast to Coast
picked up last year for $600 from a person who started to collect parts for a build be stopped due to lack of motivation.... came with new elect ign,rims,s/s spokes,tires,tubes,carb kits,and boxes of spare parts for cb 750 and cbx1000 which have been mostly sold for 500 so far so bike is another almost free machine. i try to put less than a few thousand in any build including the bike which from my point of view is always doable....anyone can throw loads of money at a machine and make it look good

early mock up photo

start of build after summer repair rush ended... all parts/work was done in my shop- but cad plating(no zinc) and powder coating was farmed out(s.e. custom)....
bike has a cbx front end which had the normal problems with bearings and spacers to fit frame, they were shortened,caps modified, cb 750 rotors cut down to correct diameter and aluminum deflectors and wind up straps to retain them. frame had lugs welded on for stops.

rear wheel with cooling rotor,active inlet/exhaust ducting. round rod with rod end brake stay,knurled adjuster, sprocket nuts drilled and safetied.

modified fork caps....cut, milled and drilled for two s/head screws used with pin spanner to tighten.

still working on useing up all the take off rearsets i bought for $75 a few years ago...mix and match mfgs, modify and make them work. this is a shift lever that i welded a brake pedal on, made up the linkage and stop adjuster....

shift linkage ,peg brackets,mounts.......
counter shaft cover made from .050 5052 - originally made one from perferated sheet but did not like the look once completed.
I like how you made use of the sport bike rearsets. They look better without the stock mounting bracket.
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