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(Also note my re-post of Aerostitch's informational stuff was not me endorsing it, just throwing in something from one source...I'm certainly not claiming any expertise!)

And I didn't mean for anyone to think I was being critical either. We are all just trying to be safe.


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I did a high side at about 30mph in my jeans and Alpinestars mesh jacket, and Icon gloves. Thankfully I was also wearing proper boots.

Left arm took the brunt of it along with my helmet. Jeans were fine and my ankle was protected.
Bruised from my rib cage to my knee on the left side but I walked away from it.

I should wear armoured pants but I don’t often.

Now, I only wear my fancy pants when I'm riding specifically to ride...very rarely if ever if I'm transporting myself for a practical reason. But I gotta say that's an amazing story/pic. I'd wager that if the crash happened differently, your legs could have been really jacked up. I once slid out on gravel on a road in Africa at 15-20mph max and the low-side did a real number on my knee (in Dickies cargo pants, somewhat ironically considering this thread) and it was like they were tissue paper. I mean, it was still a superficial scrape, but the pants might as well not have been anything at all.

And I hit higher speeds on my bicycles wearing far less, so I'm OK with that risk, just saying...cotton doesn't seem to do much against abrasion despite our illusions of denim being somehow protective. (My Ikon pants kinda look like denim but are a synthetic blend...)

If these "ironcloth" pants are a little better for sliding, I think they're worth a look. But I like many of you also have much bigger thighs and ass than fit in a lot of modern pants. (Bicycles/kettlebell swings/middle age...)


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Y'all know what happened to me and even if I had my armoured pants on it would have made 0 difference. That being said I use the Tourtech armoured riding pants when traveling or day tripping etc. but they are a pain in the butt for commuting. We are ok to wear jeans in the office and I'd like a pair or 2 of good riding jeans I can wear for 8-10 hours working when I ride to work. If these fit me they would be better then the wranglers/Old Navy/Gap jeans I wear now. Only thing that would make them better would be armour pockets that you could add in knee and hip armour and pull out at work, put back in to go home.


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I wore my two-piece Aerostitch to work exactly two times before I gave it up as a massive PITA. I didn't ride the bike to work much when I was active duty because it was too difficult to keep my uniform looking good, especially pulling an Aerostitch over it. (Back then I almost always wore a sort of semi-dress uniform because of where I worked and rarely wore utilities. Now days it seems like almost all military wear a utility uniform almost all the time and they pretty much look the same whether fresh from the wash or have been worn a couple days. :( But, I digress...) I no longer have the 'stitch and no longer commute, but I really do need to find something appropriate for street riding to wear along w/ my riding jacket.


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Now days it seems like almost all military wear a utility uniform almost all the time and they pretty much look the same whether fresh from the wash or have been worn a couple days. :(

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On a lark I reached out to Alpinestars with pics of my jacket asking if this was typical from a single accident. Thought they might help a guy out ;) but they only responded that they can't repair it and referred me to a third-party company to fix it up.

Not interested in repairing it of course. I could buy some Cordura and heavy thread and patch it up myself. I do wear it from time to time so maybe I'll sew some moto patches over the holes.


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I didn't get mine back, I told the EMT's I wanted it for the DTT patches but they tossed it out after cutting it off :mad: I have another set I need to add to my new jacket.


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In 2016 I had a slightly less than 50 mph (recorded on my GPS) high side (I think) in the center lane of I-40 downtown Knoxville. Wearing Hondaline armored mesh jacket (by Fairchild, I think), brand-new Olyimpia armored mesh over-pants, Tourmaster boots with ankle protectors, cheap (replaced annually) Pro Rider mesh with knuckle protector gloves, HJC Symax 2 lid. All destroyed. No BLOOD! One slightly cracked wrist "process" that should have just been splinted/protected but the ortho put in a cast. Lots of bruises. I've been ATGATT on any street since getting back on 2 wheels in 2004. Replaced all tbe gear while waiting for the cast to come off and the 2006 GL1800 (surprisingly righted itself and went off into and exit ramp to lay down, not totalled) to be repaired. Insurance paid 100% of gear replacement (including my SENA SMH5).


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No crashes yet....knock on wood...
Normal gear is alpinestar andes 2 coat..elbow,back,chest armor. Scorpion Birmingham pants with knee and hip armor, they are fleece lined too....I've been looking at some denim stuff for summer, still undecided. Not sure I like the skinny legs on these though..


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Utility uniforms were the required the daily wear after 9/11. I retired in 2008 and based on what I see I think that is still the case. On topic, Cycle Gear also sells the Dickies pants. Regular price is $79 but they had them on sale a couple of weeks ago for around $60. I think they only have chino which looks more like flat sand to me. I would suggest trying them on as they looked optimistic about waist sizing.

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