Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, Whos Riding from DTT?


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irk miller said:
This year, they're actually doing an Augusta GA ride, so I'm going to give it go here instead of Greenville. So far, it's a pretty small ride with all modern Harleys and Triumphs with a Kawasaki EN500 and a BMW R120C mixed in. There's a Moto Guzzi Eldorado registered, too, but I don't know what year it is. It'll be interesting potentially being one of only two vintage bikes in the ride. LOL

I am not very tech savy I guess. Ive not been able to actually find the list of bikes signed up for my ride. I see how many riders there are, but cant see the individual profiles.

irk miller

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Hurco550 said:
I am not very tech savy I guess. Ive not been able to actually find the list of bikes signed up for my ride. I see how many riders there are, but cant see the individual profiles.
You have to find it. Go to the general homepage, not your profile page--->Click on the dropdown menu with the countries option--->Choose, United states--->https://www.gentlemansride.com/rides/united+states--->Scroll down until you see Columbus, OH--->Click the red box for Riders--->https://www.gentlemansride.com/sponsor/country/united+states?ride_id=184

Unfortunately, you have to click on each individual profile to see the bike they registered with. I only have 14 riders to sort through, so it was easy.


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I'll be riding in Haddonfield NJ DGR. It's their second year and they have 52 67 riders signed up. As many have cited the bikes are mostly modern Triumph and many bikes that don't fit the original style theme. The dress-up seems ridiculous but it's innocent fun and for a worthy cause Prostate Cancer and Male Suicide. I had two neighborhood kids that I taught to ride eventually take their own lives.]


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I'm signed up for the Montreal ride again - the plan was to sell the CB this summer but that didn't quite happen so it looks like the ride's a go. Looking forward to it, the last two years have been a blast.

Last year the route kinda went a bit suburban, the year before that was great as it basically took over downtown. This year looks set to be a corker - all around the Old Port with a section of the F1 grand prix circuit thrown in for shits and giggles.


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Had a great ride today at the Columbus DGR. Beautiful weather and a great turn out. 144 registered riders, but im guessing closer to 200 were actually there. Mr. ridesolo even came along this year!

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Hurco550 and I made it to the DGR in Columbus, Ohio today. They had a good turnout; at least 140 bikes/riders.

Here we are posing to prove that we were there:


To those uneducated, Levi (Hurco) is the guy w/ the hair I'm the one with much less hair (and what there is is mostly gray).

It was nice to be involved in a worldwide event, but the ride home was nothing short of spectacular. After a lunch of some relatively edible Mexican food we headed back north on some of the best motorcycle-worthy roads in central Ohio and because we are both well-behaved, virtuous, Boy Scout-like, gentlemanly (and, may I add, insanely humble) lads we were rewarded with absolutely PERFECT weather all afternoon. If we had been using GoPro cameras we could have put together a nice little clip titled "This Is Why I Ride". My first DGR, won't be my last.


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Great ride here in Montreal yesterday with well over 500 riders - fantastic route through downtown, the old port and the grand prix circuit which sits on an island in the St Lawrence river. We had a police escort this time which actually made for a much tighter group - unlike the last couple of years I'm pretty sure all 500+ bikes all stayed in one long group. The sound in the middle of all that was unforgettable, and it must have been quite a sight for any one of the many people lining the streets to watch. Great day, great cause. Anyone thinking of doing the DGR next year that hasn't done it yet absolutely should, it's a great experience.

Rhonda behaved well, but sprang a leak again from carb #2 and doused the F1 pit lane with a decent spray of 87 octane fuel. Need to get on that.


That's me on the right with a couple of other distinguished friends, and another as we're about to set off -


Good times. It was not warm yesterday by any means. Looking sharp on an old bike is one thing, getting a hot popcorn chicken poutine down your neck at the end of the ride was another.


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Here's the pro photos from this years ride...
They even got a shot of me on page 4, rollin in on the CB750.

Seems like they addressed the issues that made last year a Shitshow.
I think I'll actually ride with this group again next year ;)


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Had a great time in the DGR 2018 in Denver, CO. Very cold!!! And actually the maiden voyage for my 1982 Honda CM450 Cafe Racer. Took 5 years to finish, and many arguments with the wife, but finished it a week before the ride. Here is the link to my build thread if anyone is curious on the long long road I've been on building this thing. See you all next year for DGR 2019!


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