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Am I the only one in Austin on this forum? I have seen some nice lookIng bikes downtown. There has to be some of you on here. Speak up. I'm going to need someone to ride with hopefully real soon.
It's coming along great. I actually got the title transferred and it registered yesterday. On Friday I will get my tires and tubes put on. Then I will be really close. I just have to mess with the horn brake light and a couple other things.
I have a spare 12v horn if you need it. Lemme know. I also have a good tip for a kind of "relaxed" inspection place.
Appreciate it, I may take you up on the horn, but I think I know the problem. Also, the woman at the tax office already registered my bike. I went in to get the title changed and she just registered it too. Sweet, huh. I told her I didn't have it inspected yet and she was like "eh, oh well, this bike doesn't need it." I was like, O okay, cool.

So as of right now my bike is legal, plates and all. I just have to get my license now. Where did you get yours, and what did you do. Do you have to take a driving test, etc.
I got my motorcycle endorsement back home in Mississippi. I literally had to do three clockwise circles and three counterclockwise.....whatever size I wanted. It was super easy. I would imagine that here it would be different. Hell at another station in MS it would have been different. Anyway, yes, I think you'll have to do a written and driving test unless you take the MSF course. (which is highly recommended)

Even if it's registered, you'll need an inspection sticker. As far as I know there are no age exemptions. My bike is a 71 and needed inspection.
Hmm okay. Thats what I thought. Maybe the woman just didnt know what she was talking about. Which is weird for a government place because they are usually super anal about all that stuff.

I may get that info from your regarding the relaxed inspection place. Good news though. I just got all the last minor electrical hickups out. I now have a headlight off,low beam, high beam and horn switch. Taillight and brake light work fine too. So if/when I get it inspected I should pass just fine.

Does the inspection sticker go on the other side of the plate from the reg sticker?

Thanks for all the info.
I also lice in the Austin area. Moved a little north in Round Rock but still hang out around Austin. I know several people to ride with.
What kind of bike are you on sunnamp33? Throw a couple pics up here if you have em' so that I'll recognize you if I run into you. I'm usually around the south central area.
Hey DirtyFrank,

I am finally getting my license next week. I have been pretty busy with work and had to find time to take the 3 day drivers ed course required to get my license. What is the name of the inspection place you would recommend. I still have to get my sticker.

It's called Accent Auto at Bluebonnet and South Lamar. They literally had no idea what they were doing. Did you get the horn and everything else sorted out?
I have a 70 BMW R75/5 that I currently ride, but I am building a cb350 flat tracker at the moment. I am also selling my drum set to buy an RD350 or 400 because my friends gave me an itch for a two stroke. I will post pics later.
Thanks Dirty Frank. I did everything works just fine. I may need to get rear brake pads soon, but I shouldn't have any problem with the inspection
Well, after removing my controls today to lube my cables, I found that my throttle cable is pretty badly frayed just before the ball on the throttle tube. You guys know anywhere in town that I look for a new cable? I really don't want to wait on one to come in from Thailand.
Not 100% sure. Bill Kassons Yamaha on S Congress and Oltorf may have one you can make work. Austin Moto Classics on S. Congress and 290 may be able to give some good info. Maybe Tj's cycle, or ask around for a substitute model that fits.

I cant remember, but are you cruising on a CL175? If so I just saw some on ebay that weren't in Thailand. Also DCC sells one. It may work, call them up and ask them. I used it on my bike.


As far as locally though, not to sure
I'm on a CB125. I was able to find one local through ebay, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them about picking it up to avoid shipping it. I'm hoping this turns out to be a stroke of good luck. My truck gets about 16 mpg, so I would really like to be on my bike as much as possible.

Here's the seller's store. I think they're out of Bastrop, and there is no shortage of Honda stuff.


Also, it's a single throttle cable, so no dice with the 2 to 1. How do those even work?
Any of you weirdos (lame Austin joke FTW) up for a ride?
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