DTT Austin Area???

For sure. I am down to one bike right now my 92' K75, but that thing LOVES the roads so I am definitely down for a cruise.
Hey Austin Crew. There is a M/C and Hot Rod show at Nutty Brown Cafe on Sunday afternoon. I'm going to swing by around 3:30-4pm see what's what.
Anyone in Austin feel like drinking a beer and helping a fellow DTT'er problem shoot my Cl360.


Bike now has straight pipes, clubmans, and no rear fender.

Going to the shop is my last resort, I live south, William Cannon and Congress.

PM if you want to shoot the shit.
Hey all I'll be heading over to Bike Night at Doc's on Congress tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Cool bikes and great beer to go with perfect weather. Swing by if you can make it, starts around 7:30.

Dammit! I just saw this.
I work right up the street at Vespaio and i work Tuesdays.
I generally get off around 1030.
I shall see you next week.
NosePicker said:
Dammit! I just saw this.
I work right up the street at Vespaio and i work Tuesdays.
I generally get off around 1030.
I shall see you next week.

I'll be in Bristol CT next week but I'll make the week after. Did you see this?


I'm going since I'll be out of town for Harvest Classic.
Word up!
And no, I didn't see that was going on....
$30 bucks even for my lady to get in?
Either was sounds like a great way to spend $60.
hey dudes, im in the austin area, around spiderhouse, havent had a bike in a couple years, been hunting for a pre 73 CL350/450 that isnt totally ratty and doesnt cost a million dollars. im probably picking up a 72 GT380 two stroke this weekend, ive had RDs and kind of miss the stink. let me know about get togethers and ride outs, itll be nice to be back on a bike.
I'm stuck in Florida at the moment but as soon as I can I am moving my ass back to Austin. Don't none of you guys run off now, gonna try and get out there next summer/fall.

Been about 3 years cause I joined the Air Force...Ginny's Little Longhorn still up and running?

Hey all - looks like this topic has been dead for a few months but I'm in Austin and just got my bike (finally!) and need some peeps to ride with! I have seen lots of gorgeous vintage bikes downtown... can't wait to join the fray. I bought myself a 72 Honda CB350F. Has aftermarket pipes on it (converted to 2 pipes instead of 4) so eventually I'll want to get her the original pipes back on and the original handlebars (hers are lowered.)

Hope we can get this thread started back up and maybe get some riding groups going once the weather levels out a little bit!
Im in Austin. In the Oak Hill area. No bike yet. Would like to get together with some people and talk about building bikes as Ive got a lot of questions also would like to figure out where all the good shops are at.
Reviving this old thread. I just moved to Austin and my bike should be here in a few months. Would love to attend some cruise nights/meet-ups in the mean time, or connect with riders in the area in general.

Hit me up!

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