DTT logo for Detroit/MI

That one with the lower peninsula in the spade is good. I was worried that it was too much like the "Mid West" patch that has Wisconsin in the spade at first. But that one has "Mid West" in text across the spade too so it's different enough. With the UP it would be more different, but more busy too.
I like it. I think lose the spade, just use the state & checker board. Just my opinion. But Im good with the majority vote!
Actually every patch embroidery company I've dealt with will do up to 6-8 colors on a patch at no additional cost at all. It's not like ink where they have to do multiple passes. The embroidery machines are designed to use many different colors at once so it doesn't take any extra time to do an 8 color patch vs. 2 colors.

So go crazy! Embed a blinking LED for that traffic cone.
Well here's this one, U.P. or no U.P. it really doesn't matter to me ;)

jsouthard said:
i like this one the best
I like it better than with the u.p. But, Im not big on the spade. Seems like a bit much. Plus, the spade is way over used. Just the l.p with the checkers looks good to me. MI was built on industry maybe we should use a wrench or some pistons! (not the bb team) or some hunting rifles. DTT MI Militia.
OK, I've selected the six logos that seemed to get the most support in this thread. Take a look at the images in this message to see if your fave is here. If anybody wants to nominate another logo, you can PM me for anonymity or just post in the thread.

If it's cool with everybody, I'll post a poll with these logos in 48 hours (corrected a few hours for my laziness) in a poll so we can get a final decision soon. If they're putting patch logos in the DTT book, we'll want this decided soon.

I realize the orange barrel is a joke so I may leave it out of the final poll.

Thanks for all the creativity so far!

In no particular order:






EDIT: Just realized there isn't one here with just the state and no spade, I think some people liked that. So I'll include this one, but the text can be changed:
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