Dyna S on CB 450 I'm stuck

I have a few questions. It's still going to be awhile before I install my ignition, because my motor is in a million pieces but I'm trying to get organized now. I bought a HALL sensor ignition very similar to the DYNATEK you installed. I noticed on the supplied rotor there are 2 magnetic triggers 180 degrees opposite of each other. Does your rotor have 2 triggers or just 1? I am thinking just 1 is necessary for the CB450 and the cylinder should spark every 360 degrees, not every 180 degrees and the extra magnetic trigger was designed for the GS1000. And also, the extra spark has no effect because it sparks on the exhaust stoke and the cylinder has no fuel in there. The reason I am asking this is because I bought a programmable TCI and will remove mechanical timing advance and this EXTRA magnet will cause an issue with the programming if it's not supposed to be there (for the CB450). It would be easy to remove the extra magnet, that's not an issue. So, the main question is do I remove the extra magnet or is it supposed to be there?


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