Excess Four Hundred (XS400 Brat Build)

Started reassembly. Need this ready for Mod vs Rockers next Saturday.

Here we are at 3:00 today.


Here we are at 4:00


And by 8:00



Light came out great. I used spray foam, then hogged it out with a dremel tool and used some body filler to finish it off and give it a nice surface to stick to.


I got a polished bolt kit, I put a lot of the head and starter bolts on before I put the motor in the frame as they are a bitch to get to.

Then later, after the motor is good and in, I remembered that I forgot to use the never seize, so they have to come out again anyway.


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Got the tires mounted. The exhaust and headlight installed and the bike started.

Still lots to do. Need a chain, have brake lines on order, need to finish wiring and the install the gauge. Also need to relocate the horn and figure out what shocks to get.





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You know I wasn't sold on the colors, but now that it's assembled it looks great. Nice work.
Thanks, I wasn't a big fan of the tangerine wheels before we painted them, I wanted a brighter orange. But I like how it turned out.

I got the pipes wrapped and the trail tech gauge installed.

I have some wiring issues, the brake, tail and turn signals are wacky and the bike won't start on the button, just clicks. I had another starter solenoid and that does the same. I can't get the starter to run anymore, even when hooked up to the car battery.

I just rebuilt the starter and it was working fine.

Also, clutch is wonky, I have been playing with the adjuster under the sprocket cover but think that I need to rerun the cable.

Bike starts on first kick and ideals nice. I hope the brake lines come in tomorrow so I can ride!




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Rusnak_322 said:
Filled the tube with play sand and welded bolts to the ends.








That is where I am at. I need to come up with a way to bend the hoop to match the seat.

I also picked up everything we need to convert the rear 16" rim to a disk 18". That will allow better tire selection.


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Could you tell me more about this process. I want to have 18 inch wheels with disc brakes on my xs400. Where did you get the 18 inch mag for the rear set up?

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I found a seller with a rear wheel and all the other parts. He was parting bikes out and had everything for sale separately. He was asking crazy prices, like $9.99 just for rotor bolts. I sent him a question and offered to buy all of it for one price.

I think I paid $120 with shipping. I got the wheel, swingarm, caliper, caliper hanger, two sets of the thing that the brake lever mounts to, a rotor, brake pads, axel and spacers, sprocket and just about all the hardware that I needed.

I bought a master cylinder that is for a dirt bike with no reservoir ($10 eBay new) and welded a bracket to the frame to mount it. I cut up some square tube that I got from Lowes for that. The I ordered a custom brake line ($70).

We didn't need a disk rear, but my wife wanted a disk front and the 18" rim allowed better choices of tires. I couldn't find a 18" front / 16" rear tire set that I liked. The other option would have been to lace up a 18" rim to the spoked rims that came with the bike and make another disk hub spokes rim fork for the front.

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Well the plan was to have it for Cleveland Mods vs Rockers yesterday. I got the bike done for my wife, but the ride ended early when the battery wasn't charging. I swapped out the rectifier and regulator but that didn't help. I need to look to see how to check to make sure that they are working and to check the stator. Any links to places that walk a dummy through that?

I had did research on the Shorai battery, I thought that they were OK with the older rec/regs. I may need to buy a combo unit any recommendations?








We still went to the bike show, she just had to ride her Ducati. Kinda hard to feel too bad about that.

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Think this may be the cause of the charging system to suddenly stop working?


The three wires coming out of the stator got pinched when I reinstalled the sprocket cover. There was bare wire showing on all three wires and touching the case.

I wrapped with electrical tape to test, but I need to figure a permanent fix.

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Such a good idea to use the ladder to hold up the bike. Going to put that one in my book.

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How do you Think this happened???

I have been having a hell of a time getting the clutch adjusted. I read the manuals (Factory and Haynes) and followed the procedures.

This is my push rod.


Luckily I have a spare parts bike. Here is that ones clutch push rod.


The stupid thing snapped. Where it broke is so clean that I thought that it was supposed to be that way.




Had to take the clutch apart to get it out.


But the clutch still isn't quite right. Yes, the ball is in there.

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So I got it going, should I be worried that when running I get 13.5 volts at the battery no matter if at idle or reving the motor?

The light is bright and doesn't change with revs.

Note: this is a lithium battery.


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Took it on a 10-ish mile ride today. The speedo sensor wire rubbed the disk and cut the wire, so I don't have a total mileage.

Bike ran great, carbb'ed clean even with what I assume are stock jets. I left the jetting alone until I am able to see how it runs, I bought a few different size main jets to play with. The pipes have very open ( and a little too loud) end cans and I am running pod filters. It was a lot cooler then it has been - 76 degrees or so.

My wife has only ran it to the gas station and around the development so far. We plan to take it to bike night tomorrow. She is excited to the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride this year.




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Trying to come up with a graphic on the sides of the tank. I wanted speed locks with YAMAHA in it but y wife didn't like it as the right side has Yamaha with a a towards the front of the bike and she didn't like it as much.

Thinking of something like this, but with a larger tuning fork.

Anyone have a better idea or criticism?




Btw it looks better on the bike then in the pics. I used some matte black vinyl.

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Just a suggestion what if you moved the tuning forks more towards the top left and not in the black section just right on the blue

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