First ever bike - GN250 - lets cafe racer it...


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Hi All, I'm in sunny Perth Western Australia, I bought a stock 1983 GN250 from a mate, it kinda ran (as in he said it did, but it didn't), paid $500 for it and trailer'd it home.

Somehow, I remotely fixed it during the drive and it started right up when it came off the trailer. I was so excited to cafe racer this thing, i'd turned the handlebars upside down before taking the first pic.

My mate also gave me a box of parts to chuck on there...lets see how it goes.


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Welcome mate, good looking start point.

One bit of advice I can give you is ditch those upside down handle bars. They aren't worth the pain of a dent in your tank.

Check out some drag bars or super bike bars. I had some clubmans on my SR for about a month before my wrists told me to F off. Went back to standard bars.

Also if you plan to cut the rear frame make sure you leave ample room for the tyre to swing fully upwards. Last thing you want is a sudden lock up after a large bump.

Here is a bit of inspiration for you.
Thanks mate, handlebars gone and clip-ons installed. Also playing around with the seat.


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Ahh now that looks better. I don't mind the red and white scheme, not so sure about the gas cap. Good to see you are going to give making your own seat a go, your braver than I am!

What are your plans for paint?
OK, now you've made me feel bad. I was hoping to upload the details of the fastest bike build in history, and make it out like I'm doing it all now...and you're being all helpful and stuff... :p

..but yeah, the bike is finished.

And funny you mention the fuel cap. It's the only part that didn't get some paint treatment.


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Fair enough, I had a slight suspicion that might have been what you were doing.
It's one of those "I've been lurking in the background for some time and I love reading about the builds...i guess I better put mine up" type deals.

Gotta be honest though, I didn't take that many (or that great) photos. This could be done pretty quick! :)


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I was lazy, i know. Painted that photo above like it was. Didn't remove the back wheel and just painted the rear springs, motor and frame as it stands. Sanded back and primed however.

The engine was primed and painted with high temp (and very high temp) paint. If I get a couple years out of it, i'll be happy.

Removed the front forks and taped up the bottom.

Cleaned up and repainted the fork grabbers (triple trees?). All looks pretty neat.

Clearly a black theme going on.


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So, today's trivia.

A 1983 GN250's complete electrical wiring harness can fit in a plastic shopping bag.

I didn't know that until I did it.

Then realised how much of a pain it is to have the wires go where I wanted them to.

You'll also notice a red carburetor. I'm not 100% on it at this stage.


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Little bit of overspray on the front disc (that'll come off), and painted the chrome indicators. The box my mate gave me had chrome bar end mirrors which are now black also.

With lower handlebars comes tighter turns on the cables and hoses.

I ended up using quite a few cable ties to keep all the wiring in check.

I'm heading home for the evening (from work). PART 2 tomorrow.


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You almost lost me at the upside down bars. lol

Painted carbs can be a pain in the butt. When you service it be sure no flaking paint gets inside. The smallest flake will clog jetting. Re-open to re- clean...more flakes get in. ugh.
Actually, I could have just finished this yesterday. I only had a couple more pics. I didn't take many during the build and wish I took more.

I had a go at the seat with a borrowed sewing machine and gave up quickly. Ended up getting it done properly and I love it. Turned out perfect. I shaped the original seat base and they built the foam shape I wanted on that...then covered it in black (p)leather and red stitching.

Other red parts include the front brake and dial surrounds. Fuel cap and SUZUKI logo on the tank.

Battery is an Antigravity unit. The 4 cell and is super tiny...I'll add more pics that show where it is. I'm surprised by how much it puts out.


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