FZR400 long bob chop chop


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Nice, I'm watching, man talk about starting from scratch.



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I am definitely on board. Chopper? Check. FZR400 motor (one of my all time favorite motors)? Check.

I can dig it.


Nice one chaps!
Cooking up a posh rear axle setup. Once that’s all finalised I can line up the sprockets and then think about motor mounts.
I’ll get some more pictures on the go when the axle is finished.


Ok so.... bare with me.
Of course cardboard isn’t the first choice when it comes to ethanol safe materials..

I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to this fzr motor intake nightmare. I don’t want pod filters because they suck on dicks.
I can’t use the original airbox.
But I do need to use its original posh Venturi sex porn.



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I see that you use the same CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) software that I use. Your may be a slightly different version though. I think mine must be CAD lite.


Been a while since I posted anything. Settling in at a new job. Got a couple of little bits done.
Made a start on an airbox setup (might all change).
Bought a 600 motor.
Done a little bit of the coolant system so I can get it started up, I’ll probs swap a lot of it out for new shiny stuff further on down the line. Maybe?
Got some cheap R6 pipes to destroy.
And a couple little bits here and there.


Just an FYI I had an fzr400 with a 600 motor (which meant no cooling fan) and with a zx636 curved radiator it never overheated even with no fan. Hottest weather I rode in was about 99* out, even in traffic it stayed a safe temp.
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