Good Ol' BMX - many of our first 2 wheeled passions

Radical Rick was my hero...
Still have scars on my shins from my beartraps, some of my proudest scars! Remember the double cage Hutch pedals, ouch!
Wow,I feel like I'm in the wayback machine.PK ripper with sew ups 3piece mongoose crank.Greg Hill and Stu Thompson were like gods.I guess the excitement of 2 wheel thrills never goes away.
dcmspikes said:
you guys remember the movie RAD??? i have it on dvd. its amazing. BMX ruled.

I HAVE IT ON DVD... special order from China... took 3 weeks to get... my brother used to race for MBL or ABA one of them... he still has his free agent on the bike tuning rack in his basement! ha ha ha i use to pit for him... i was just a big fat ass then... did not loose my weight and turn meat head till JR year of HS... when i was building cars and bikes then!!! ha ha ha
not as old as you guys, but i still remember the day i got my redline rl440 and promptly took it out to orchard park outside of lancaster, ca.. i was about 12, wearing my dads old helmet and i cased over the first double, flipped over the bars and rolled all the way down.. i was hooked from that first fall until i moved to ohio.. racing every weekend, buying every part i could find, mowing lawns for weeks to get the 3 piece flight cranks, digging trenches and laying pvc for a sprinkler set-up to buy the proline frame.. haha
i just actually finished putting together the redline pro cruiser ive had hanging on my wall for a good 7 years..
ill have to take a look in my boxes of shit and see if i can find some pics, i know i have a few somewhere of my dad racing in the mid 70's..
not sure how i missed this. i used to be WAY into flatland BMX... i used to host the jams here in nyc, and i moderated

now i have more posts here then there! i still ride (mix of street and flatland, hell, i want to do what I want to do, and dont give a damn if im not doing only one type of a sport) but have given up on competing and following whos doing what tricks.

the new jersey flatland crew is HUGE! love those guys. ill get some vid of me riding at some point and show you guys what i know. :D :D passion was always in going fast and getting a rush of adrenaline... before my license bicycles filled that.... now i just use a motor.
BMX has been my life since I was 13 years old. I remember turning 5 years old getting a "BMX" brand bike and poppin' wheelies and doing skids all day that first day. I started racing and rode dirt my first few years. I then stopped racing and just rode dirt, park, street but never flatland.....waaaay too hard! Here are some shots of me lately. 29 years old now and still learning more tricks! Never gonna be too old to ride!

*one footed x-up

*table top over a hip

*toothpick grind

*fastplant over grind ledge

*no footed can-can

and my 1982 Diamondback *for sale or trade for cafe seat*
I've got Rad in .mpeg format. The sound is a bit out of sync, but well worth it. The dancing scene alone with the skanky twins in leotards is hilarious.

Bart Taylor for President!
IndieSol said:
I've got Rad in .mpeg format. The sound is a bit out of sync, but well worth it. The dancing scene alone with the skanky twins in leotards is hilarious.

Bart Taylor for President!
Rose you are the ligit deal man! Paul Oakenfold did a sick mix of send me an angel... to this days one of my fav tracks he put down
JRK5892 said:
Rose you are the ligit deal man! Paul Oakenfold did a sick mix of send me an angel... to this days one of my fav tracks he put down
haha, thanks man! Thrice also did a killer job of that song, check it out!
As I am new to the site, I have been looking at loads of different threads.

Came across this one and have hit one close to my heart.

I have been racing BMX since 1981 and yes I am still at it at the ripe age of 42.

I am also a very avid collector of old school BMX's and have about 25 70's/80's & 90's bikes, some of them absolutely rare as rocking horse ...... and all in concourse condition. I have won several awards in the UK for my bikes also.
Wow... this is an awesome topic. Def used to be covered in dirt as a little dude. It's funny, I used to be stupid then too and built all my bikes. Found an old RedLine frame I built out with costom drop outs... anyone remember the fork lifter bars? made bar spins a breeeeeze.
I have been racing BMX since I was 12 (42 years old now) and I have a pretty big collection of rare 70's & 80's bikes.

Both myself and my Wife are both into BMX and we are so into BMX that I took one of my bikes to my Wedding 2 years ago along with our VW Splitty Greta (yes she has a name).

Jason TEAMSHRALP said:
might be off topic but this the coolest dude i've ever seen wearing a simpson helmet...


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... Mat Hoffman is bad ass!
gotta meet Hoffman in Portland a few months ago. Team Shralp......a GOODS BMX reference?
I grew up across the street from Wild Horse Park. They held the Dixieland Nationals here every year.. I used to ride for Kavochi Wheels. John was a great guy! I still have my mini. I have 2 chromes GT pro series, and 1 candy blue mach one. All still in the same riding shape. Locked away in my grandma's basement.
I miss "The good ole days"! "Monsters of Suburban Highlife"(James Shepard,Reuben Castillo) was always my favorite BMX video. This was after I had quit for a few years age 16 of course and then picked it back up at 19 and that movie was just the ticket. It was when street was first getting popular and Perry F%^&in Mervar was insane for the time. "Whiplash" was another good one put out by a group of nobody riders with plenty of talent.
Over here in the UK we have a big oldschool website that I am a Moderator on ( Each year we have a weekend Oldschool BMX gathering and 2 weekends ago it was this years event.

We had over 2000 people attend over the weekend and we had racing, drinking, stalls, raffles and Show and Shine.

In the Show and Shine (read concours) competition one of my bikes won the Vintage Race (1970's) category which I was very proud of.

Here are some pictures of the bike, it is a 1978 Mongoose Roger DeCoster frame and forks, with many Mongoose parts and a spattering of Campagnolo etc parts.

The bike is year (not just era) correct, everything on it is from 1978 and 95% of the parts are NOS.

I even had Roger DeCoster sign the frame and number plate, so a true signature model (oh and number 104 is Rogers number in 1978!!).

Here it is....











sweet bikes in here!love the old/mid school bmx. i forgot about the octopus grips just sold my 24" redline proline (sad) to buy parts for the xs360(yay)
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