Good Ol' BMX - many of our first 2 wheeled passions

I had one like this. Does this count? LOL!


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Well bradj told me to start a vintage bmx thread and post it up but I'll pop it in here instead and revive an old thread. Not as old as some, as I'm just 30 but it's my '94 s&m Holmes. Trying to figure out what the heck to do with it.

Thats a nice holmes, i had one for a min but it was to long so i went back to the dirt bike (i had like 5 over the years) and when it was time to hand off my 80s ripper to a collector i replaced it with a wishbone challenger. it was set up the same a shared geometry with the dirt bike so i could dirt jump ride ramp and street all week and race on the weekends with out feeling out of place on the bike. i got a line on my dirt bike its a state away on display at a bike shop the white wall primo tires are gone but other than that its as i built gonna try to buy it back.


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Yes they are stupid long. I grew early though, 6'4" when I was 14 so the size was nice. Too long for vert but we mostly just messed around on dirt anyways. That's pretty sick that you were able to track yours down. I just about sold mine a few years ago but am very glad now I haven't. Figure if nothing else, it is the one toy my kids will never be able to break. Bulletproof sucker.
ex bmx jedi checking in.

I was an almost somebody who ended up being friends and roommates with a lot of somebodies. I have a few stories to tell lol.
These bikes look like so much fun! I have a fixie, roadie, crosser and a track bike, never knew I needed a BMX. They actually just finished a dirt track just outside of town, must be a divine intervention.
When I was a kid we all rode "stingray" style 20" bicycles as that was all there was besides the 10-speed racers we got when we got older and taller. We lived out in the country and rode and raced them anywhere we could.

We built ramps with whatever boards we could find laying around and cinder-blocks, or we found natural jumps over culverts etc..

As the summer wore on the jumps got higher and higher. When we found or made a new jump everybody in the neighborhood had to jump it or they became an outcast sissy until they did. So you did the jump no matter what your skill level or how scared you were. If you crashed and burned nobody cared as long as you gave it an honest try and showed you had balls

I broke the frame on my stingray, broke the seat in half, smashed the speedo off, bent the handlebars and the cranks and rims. We just patched them back together the best we could and rode them again.

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