Hollywoodmx's XV920 Tracker - Quick Build


Coast to Coast
Well more cowbell. The fender had a slight imperfection so sanded and reprimed it. Sanded the seat and last coat of primer. These things are smooth! And ready for base coat.

The tank showed quite a few imperfections, pinholes, and some sanding flaws. Sanded, filled, sanded. I think its good for hopefully the last round of primer.




Coast to Coast
Had to make heat shields for the rear pipe. Too close to the shock reservoir for my liking. Made a licence plate mount. Painted the exhaust and got lost in the wiring..man wiring sucks.

Wiring is the only thing holding me back to rode this bitch. Hopefully done tonight.




Coast to Coast
Ok so wiring sucks ballz. Its taking longer than i hoped. Almost done. Finished the guage wiring. Been working over 100 hours the past two weeks to getbthis done while working mostly full time so I am geting tired.

Headlights are bright!


Coast to Coast
Still messing with the wiring. Decided to take a break from it.

Vinyl consultant comes this afternoon for measuring and such. They vinyl really will tie everything together. I have a moch up I will post so you get the idea.


Coast to Coast
After 5 days of wiring I got through it. What a pisser. Next time im thinking cutting the harness in its entirety and run each wire and reterminate one by one might have been faster.




Coast to Coast
ABCanuck said:
Pictures like that make me want to run an m-unit haha

That was the front there was a similar mess in the rear but it was easier. I have to tell ya, I can do just about anything in building these bikes. I have accomplished much more difficult mods, build custom parts from scratch and making ridiculous things fit in these vintage bikes; but this wiring takes the cake as far as pain and frustration.

My brain understands making a harness work, but hiding the wires and rerouting them, etc has been the most painful exercise I have ever done in any of my builds so far. Maybe its just me but I had some pretty frustrating days the previous week. I'm super glad I have the universal ultima solution for my cafe xv. The custom solution would definitely be easier than the modding the stock harness. I actually regretted after I was down the path that I didn't go custom for this bike too. The hours I have into it would have paid for any of these custom solutions.

For the front mess, I relocated the fuse block into the frame. Cut more wires that had extra length. Cut out the h4 connector. Swapped out the stock rhd assembly with a gsxr throttle and a push button momentary switch


Coast to Coast
Maiden voyage tonight, I only went around the block because the front brakes are not working, Pistons I think are seized even though un seized them months ago. Exhaust is loud. Headlights are bright. Kickstand will need to be shortened. The bike feels light and very comfortable. Starts really easy.

Oh and how do you make the fork gators stay down on the lower end of the forks after compression?


Coast to Coast
Ok front brakes work with a vengeance now! Thanks to an r6 master and a thorough bleed job.

This thing is pretty fun its better than I expected. Which gives me high hopes on my cafe version.

I have a video but I'm still waiting on some finishing touches to call the bike complete. So not sure if I should post it.


Coast to Coast
Got the kick stand shortend. Some misc wiring.

More test rides.

I thought I leaned it out too much in my jetting..so i put it back and still stalled. Then I took a close look at fuel filter..

This thing is really fun right until I ran out of test gas.. getting there build wise. Still need work out the bugs, get the vinyl done its on order,cut the holes in the number plate, tape up and hide the wiring more.




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